French Spring Festival 2017 in Ukraine

French Spring Festival 2017 in  Ukraine

Ukraine hosts the 14th Annual Festival of French culture “French Spring” this April. For the past decade many Ukrainians eagerly take part in the French Spring Festival and discover the multiple aspects of French culture. The event is organized by the Embassy of France and the network of the Alliance Francaise in Ukraine.

On April the 1st, 2017 please arrive to Sofiyska Square in Kyiv and prepare to be awed by the magical «Galileo» circus performance. This show is a great public rendez-vous.It staged an articulated structure, perched between 15 and 30m from the ground, the scene of several acrobatic paintings. This is a humanistic story whose main inspiration is the awareness of the position of the earth, planet revolving around the sun and not the other way has the image of this scientific reality of the 17th century, however doomed.
This is the story of an air people bringing his knowledge to piece of rope …
The sphere “armillary” outweigh the bodies of forces (checks and balances, clocks or ellipse) creating a mechanical or artists are initially, the stars ….
Men fish, women gather, couples are created and lost without breaking the order of things. “And yet it moves …”

galileo cirque spectacle deus ex machina 11

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April will also bring numerous pre-premier French movie screenings, concerts, art exhibitions, lectures, live performances and many other interesting French-culture themed events.
One of the most anticipated and most visited part of the French Spring is the French Movies Festival. In 2017 all cinephiles will have a chance to enjoy 6 pre-premieres starring top French movie stars.

Sage Femme

Claire is a single mother with a grown-up son. She’s a dedicated midwife who is completely wrapped up in her job. Although the maternity ward where she works is to be closed, she turns down a job offer from a larger clinic because she cannot reconcile their methods with her own ideas about midwifery. In the midst of all this upheaval she receives a phone call that rekindles memories of her youth. Béatrice, her late father’s former mistress, asks to meet her. Béatrice is a true bohemian – loud, colourful, egocentric and completely different to the focussed, helpful Claire. The younger woman asks herself why, after all these years of silence, Béatrice has suddenly decided to approach her for help, and is at first less than enthusiastic.


Liliane works at a meat factory, adding bay leaves to liver patties. Once known as 'Laura', she was a rising star in the music industry and even took part in the European Song Contest. Now she leads a secluded life in an apartment stuffed with relics from her bygone days of glory. But then 22-year-old Jean walks into her life.

Rock'n Roll

Rock'n Roll is a 2017 French comedy film written and directed by Guillaume Canet. Marion Cotillard and her partner Guillaume Canet have reteamed to star in the film “Rock’n Roll.” This time the duo, who previously worked together on “Blood Ties” and “Little White Lies,” portray themselves in this meta showbiz comedy.
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My Life as a Courgette

After losing his mother, a young boy is sent to a foster home with other orphans his age where he begins to learn the meaning of trust and true love.
In 2017 French Spring will also come to Dnipro, Zaporizhya, Lviv, Odesa, Rivne, Kharkiv, Ivano Frankivsk and Berdychiv.
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