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Art Galleries in Odesa

A traveler who arrives to Odesa for the first time might be overwhelmed with the number of museums and art galleries in this southern Ukrainian city. Let «Destinations» point you in the direction of the finest galleries to visit in Odesa as well as top exhibitions and events they have to offer.

Odesa Fine Arts Museum

man's sculpture from bronze
Located in the former palace of Count Pototsky, this museum has an impressive collection of Russian and Ukrainian art, including a few seascapes by master talent Ayvazovsky and some Soviet realist paintings.
Address: 5A, Sofiyivska street, Odesa.

InVogue Art Gallery

lady watching painting
InVogue Art Gallery is a contemporary gallery showcasing a variety of original artworks with different concepts and styles - photography, sculpture, painting and mixed media. Representing a fresh collection of young and emerging artists as well as the known, award-winning and established names in the international art world.
The Gallery is run by professional curators who have a vast experience in dealing with contemporary art for many years on an international level. We work closely with private and corporate organizations expanding their art collection, providing consultation as well as invest-ability advice.
Address: 25, Katerynenska, street, Odesa.

Hudpromo Art Gallery

painting with naked woman
The objective of Hudpromo Art Gallery, founded in 2010, is to support and develop modern and contemporary art in Odesa and Ukraine, to build a civilized art market for the recent trends. Hudpromo Art Gallery has implemented a number of individual projects by the leading representatives of Ukrainian modern and contemporary art, including the projects by Apl315, M. Viseberg, A. Galashin, A. Gankevich, D. Dulfan, L. Zvezdochyotova-Resun, V. Naumets, V. Ralko, A. Roitburd, solo and group exhibitions of the young artists of Odesa. In the frames of its educational program the Gallery has arranged lectures of A. Roitburd, M. Rashkovetsky, N. Kadan, O. Balashova, G. Vysheslavsky and others.
Address: 6, Zhukovskoho street, Odesa.

Museum of Modern Art

in a museum
The youngest museum in Odesa was established in spring 2008 on Sabanskyy Lane, in one of the city's most beautiful buildings. Its collection makes the basis of the exhibition: more than 300 paintings by modern masters of the South Russian school of the 1960-90's and a multitude of sculptural works. The creations of Odesa's masters include those that have been persecuted and so, for many years, were known only to a small circle of like-minded people. This explains the museum halls decoration: in the form of a communal kitchen, cabinet, and even...a fence. In this space magnificent, atmospheric works by Odesa's masters: Valentin Khrush, Stanislav Sychev, Valeriy Basanets, Viktor Marinyuk, Vladimir Tsyupko, Oleg Voloshinov, Yevgeniy Rakhmanin, Lyuda Yastreb, Yuriy Yegorov are displayed to public at large. The collection is always growing since the works of Odesa artists from the second half of the XX century are still being presented to the museum, alongside the most recent works of talented, contemporary Odesa dwellers.
Address: 5, Leontovycha street, Odesa.

NT Art Gallery

NT-Art Gallery was founded in 2006 and opened in Odesa on 20th of December, 2007.
At the heart of the gallery is the collection of its owners, which is numbering more than 2,000 first-class paintings, drawings, sculptures, photographs and installations from the 2nd half of the XX century to the present day. Gallery does not have the status of a museum, however in the opinion of authoritative experts, the large part of its collection is at the museum level and is not intended for sale.
Collection of the gallery is characterized by the wide scope and panoramic presentation of regional schools (represented all art centers of the national importance: Kyiv, Carpathians, Crimea, Lviv, Kharkov), and various areas of Ukrainian art of the past and present centuries. However, the main part of the collection is the art of Odesa artists of several generations; and above all, unique collection of works of nonconformist artists and representatives of the modern art of the late XX – early XXI centuries.
The pride of NT-Art Gallery is the largest (in terms of volume and genre variety) collection of works by Yuriy Yegorov, the legend of Ukrainian contemporary art. NT-Art Gallery has a brilliant selection of Odesa nonconformists’ works, who (first in Ukraine) in 60′s and 70′s of the last century, flagged the way to informal art, free from ideological pressure and biased aesthetics.
Address: 5, Liderovskyy Pereulok, Odesa.
Photo source: Facebook pages and offical web pages of art galleries listed above. All photos belong to their rightful owners.


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