Best Lviv Art Exhibitions in August 2018

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Lviv city, with its beautiful architecture and dreamy atmosphere, is already a masterpiece in itself. However, it also offers many interesting art events to attend every month. Check out the best art exhibitions of Lviv in August 2018.

“The Qing Dynasty” Exhibition

Chinese necklace
Potocki Palace in Lviv welcomes everyone to see unique collection of Chinese culture and history artefacts: signature items of different masterpieces created in the XVIII – XIX centuries, swords, ritual daggers, religious items, items made of silver, elephant ivory, valuable wood species and other items expressing the ideas of Buddhism, Taoism, Confucianism, telling about numerous ethnographic traditions, events of the Medieval history and the period of the Qing dynasty rule. All the items of this exposition have great art and historical value.
Where: Potocki Palace, the department of Lviv Art Gallery, 15, Kopernyka street
When: May 25, 2018 – September 30, 2018

Rachel Stevens`s Exhibition «Key to the City: Three Ways to Introduce Jewish Heritage in Lviv”

many keys on black table
Rachel Stevens is an American sculptress and professor of arts. In her “Key to the city” exhibition, she presents three art objects that symbolize different parts of Lviv Jewish heritage. The title showpiece is an illuminated glass table with 75 transparent glass copies of the keys from synagogues. The second showpiece, installation called “Underground world. Surviving the Holocaust in Lviv sewage collectors”, tells how Jews hid in Lviv collector for more than a year during the war. “100 Jewish objects of Lviv interactive map”, the third item of the exposition, indicates the territories that are almost lost by the Jewish communities. It shows that Lviv used to be the city of three cultures – Ukrainian, Polish and Jewish.
Where: Center for Urban History of East Central Europe, 6, Bogomoltsya street
When: May 24 – September 2, 2018

“Step to the Sea” Pictorial Art Exhibition

sea view painting in the gallery
The exposition presents works of 14 Lviv artists, united by the topic of sea. The light and atmospheric paintings of the artists express the most sincere emotions, deep sea colors and shades. The visitors will see picturesque landscapes and stories, enriched with wonderful seaside views. The list of painters who created works for “Step to the Sea” exhibition includes V. Zhmak, O. Patyk, P. Sypniak, T. Gamryshak, D. Legerko, O. Krokhmaliuk, P. Krokhmaliuk, O. Kamenetska-Ostapchuk, I. Fartukh, M. Sydorenko, N. Kruchkevych, I. Shuliev, I. Depko, R. Zhyryk, D. Slavinsky.
Where: PROART GALLERY, 77, Heroyiv UPA street
When: July 24 – August 16, 2018

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“Jan Matejko: Paintings and Graphics” Exhibition

historical painting of Jan Matejko
All lovers of art are welcome to visit a mini exhibition dedicated to 180-year anniversary of the birth of Polish painter Jan Matejko who created outstanding artworks showing historical scenes and battles. The works, represented on the exposition in Lviv, have been not exhibited for quite a long time. The visitors will have a great chance to get profound aesthetical impressions, seeing painting and graphics masterpieces, and to dive into the world of history.
Where: Borysa Voznitskogo Lviv National Art Gallery, 3, Stefanyka street
When: June 24 – September 1, 2018

“Panny Madonny Huzulky” Exhibition of Dorota Sak

two women in red Huzul clothes
“Panny Madonny Huzulky”, the exhibition of Polish painter and professor Dorota Sak has been recently opened in the frame of the ХХІ International plain air “Self-identification in cultures dialogue”. The project is inspired by authentic Huzul culture. Gorgeous bright red clothes are an expression of experience gathered during long-term investigation of culture and art of Huzul people. The author is concerned about identity of modern European people, and she raises the question that is popular in all times: “Who we are?”.
Where: Andriya Sheptytskogo Lviv National Museum, 20, Svobody avenue
When: July 27 – August 19, 2018

Svitlana and Vasyl Yarych. Paintings and Sculpture

sculpture of female figure
The new sculptures made of wood, stone and bronze by well-known honored artist of Ukraine Vasyl Yarych will be presented to the wide audience for the first time. The sculptor is the author of numerous monuments and memorial complexes in many corners of Ukraine. Lviv dwellers know him as the creator of the King Danylo Galitsky monument. However, the new exhibition presents less pathetic side of the artist`s work. Here visitors will see tender intimate portraits of mother and child, naked bodies in their natural beauty, items related to philosophic and spiritual topics. These sculptures along with the beautiful abstract works of Ukrainian painting and graphic artist Svitlana Yarych represent the perfect harmony of statics and movement.
Where: “Zelena Kanapa” Art Gallery, 7, Virmenska street
When: July 31 – August 26,
Top art exhibitions in Lviv in August 2018 will bring you much exciting cultural experience. Welcome!
Photo source: websites of events and locations mentioned above, google pics. All photos belong to their rightful owners.


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