Kyiv Exhibitions to Visit in August 2018

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While the newsfeed may be filled with photos from colleagues’ vacations, those who stay in Kyiv have nothing to lose. August marks Imagine Dragons concert, Ukraine’s Independence Day celebrations and various exhibitions to explore traditional and contemporary art.

Pinhole Trolleybus

Pinhole TrolleybusIf you ever wondered how to give a second life to an old trolleybus, this exhibition might be the answer. In 2018, artists from Mariupol turned the Skoda into the one and only in the world trolleybus camera. The intriguing mechanism can take photos tall as a man. Curators of the exhibition will be glad to share the secrets of the unique camera.

When: August 10 (7 P.M.), August 11-12 (12 A.M.), August 14-16 (12 A.M.)
Where: Pavlovka Art Gallery
Price: TBA

Nature vs. Architecture

ConstructionThe young Ukrainian artist Yulia Beliaeva turns the gallery into a creative space, where visitors can shape and influence the objects of art. The exhibition explores possible co-existence of contemporary cities and nature, which is often cramped into a secure space of a front lawn. 3D projections on the walls imitate natural landscapes and water that guests of the exhibition can manipulate to explore the topic.

When: June 19 – August 11
Where: America House
Price: Free

Yurii Shepeta. Antarctica. Argentine Islands Archipelago

Lonely penguinIn 2018, a teacher at Kyiv School of Photography and professional photographer Yurii Shepeta was invited to Antarctica for coverage of the Vernadsky Research Base. The long route of 10 000 kilometers is depicted in breathtakingly clear photos of Antarctic nature.

When: July 26 — August 20
Where: Kyiv School of Photography
Price: Free

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Alisa Onipchenko. Contrasts

Mountains paintingThe young Ukrainian artist presents her vision of contrast in nature, enveloped by the snowy peaks of Caucasia Mountains and marine brightness of Montenegro. According to Alisa, the inner strength and vibe of the painting can only be really transmitted to the viewers if the painting is done from life.

When: August 3-25
Where: Kolovorot art space
Price: Free

Sergiy Yakutovych. Idols

Kozaky by Sergiy YakutovychThe famous Ukrainian artist Sergiy Yakutovych created various illustrations for books throughout his lifetime. Each of the illustrations revolves around the theme of heroism, which is challenged as a concept in the space of the gallery. Characters from different background and timelines clash in one space when Yakutovych explores the archetype of the hero.

When: August 8 - 27
Where: Ya Gallery
Price: Free

Yevhenii Shapovalov. Metamorphosis

Modern art by Yevhenii ShapovalovYevhenii Shapovalov was born in Simferopol and nowadays lives and works in Chernihiv. An active member of all-Ukrainian exhibitions and projects, this time he explores the Kafkian concept of metamorphosis. Unlike the grimy writer, Yevhenii focuses on fluid motions and floral motifs.

When: August 4-29
Where: Zavalnyi ArtCenter
Price: TBA

Plastics of Lemko Carving

Lemko carvingThe exhibition unravels the creative pursuits of artists and craftsmen from Lemkivshchyna. The 240 works dated the 1940s – 1980s are filled with the rich cultural background and traditions of the region. The special attention is paid to the small sculptures depicting animalistic motifs, literature and folk scenes as well as historical events.

When: June 21 — September 3
Where: Museum of Ukrainian folk art
Price: UAH 40 for adults, UAH 10 for kids

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Photo sources: Facebook pages of galleries and museums mentioned above,, Yurii Shepeta /, Alisa Onipchenko /,, Yevhenii Shapovalov /, All images belong to their rightful authors.


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