The First Ukrainian Artist at the ORF Long Night of Museums'18 in Vienna

Fiery Libido by Yana Rusak

An exhibition by Ukrainian artist Yana Rusnak, "The Body Language through Gold", will open on the eve of the ORF Long Night of Museums in Vienna on October 5 at the villa of Austrian Secession mater Gustav Klimt (, a sacred place for his admirers. This famous studio museum, where Klimt worked on his paintings until his death in 1918, is located close to the former imperial residence Schönbrunn Palace.

"The works of young Ukrainian Yana Rusnak depict the beautiful and surprising transformations of Secession images into contemporary Ukrainian modern art. The concept of the exhibition 'The Body Language through Gold' is a dialogue of generations through space and time, a dialogue of sexes, a dialogue of cultures… The body language which makes a woman attractive: a little lava rock, gloss and glitter, a waterfall, movement and observation, joy and love," says Tamara Lee, the curator of Yana Rusnak's projects and a member of the International Association of Art Critics (UNESCO's AICA).

Yana, what is the main source of inspiration for you?

Painting by Yana RusakIt was Paul Cezanne who said the most difficult task for artists is to be able to express their own special view. Meetings with well-known artists or budding ambitious authors prompt me to develop and try something new in my art. Time changes everything – emotions, desires, a course of experiments. I celebrate my professional creative development every new day, with every new project and every new painting. Just recently, I was inspired by the works of young Paris artist Yann Houri, I still like what talented German photo artist Thomas Ruff does. I think it is very important to find yourself, above all. Enjoy what you do. Be in full harmony and love yourself and the world.

What is it like for an artist to be looking for a new form of expression in the 21st century? What kinds of freedom does art give you today?

A lot is becoming possible today. It is important for a person, an artist to feel like a citizen of the Universe, not a prisoner behind the iron curtain. I am across the best achievements of my colleagues in modern art. There is a desire to "grow a pure crystal", original and unusual. Be part of the Divine Flow, transmit one's own emotions and, what is most important, plastic ideas of new forms. They depend on the environment. During my frequent travels, I observe the world and recharge my energy. My art is a big personal passion, a knot of rhythms and dreams. I use an original technique in my works, using golden elements. Gold for me is the paragon of true relations, a symbol of old knowledge: the mysteries of earth and fire, an elixir of life and immortality, love, majesty and light. I experiment a lot with a form. "Delicate power" is manifested in the main motives: the image of a female body, "cosmic libido", tigers and horses, which give me a sense of freedom and confidence.

Yana, you are one of the few Ukrainian artists who exhibit their works abroad more often than in Ukraine.

Yana Rusak with her workIt is very important for Ukrainian artists to be fully represented on the international arena because the art market in Ukraine is still rather confined. Therefore, we are working hard in the international direction. In fact, we are engaged in cultural diplomacy. International exhibitions require special responsibility in terms of organization and presentation. But the result is worth it. Recently, Baku hosted a joint presentation of my paintings and of the famous Austrian jewelry brand Freywille. I took part in large-scale art projects in Open20 and Art Miami/2017. My works were on display alongside of those by such global celebrities as Yoko Ono, Orlan, Phil Akashi and Luigi Ontani...Success and attention always inspire…

Could you share your plans with us?

I have a clear picture of my own breakthroughs, mistakes and falls, which gives me an understanding of the correct path. It is important to have a tight team of professionals, who are passionate about what they do, who love life and the world they live in. In recent years, I had many projects on display at international art venues in Venice, Monaco, Beirut and Miami, with the one in Vienna coming very soon... But for me it is just the introduction to the art world. Therefore, there are still many large-scale projects ahead, which I am working on already.

Works by Ukrainian artist Yana Rusnak will be featured from 6 p.m. on October 6 to 1 a.m. the next day.

Photos provided by Yana Rusnak.

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