Vogue UA in Kyiv Lavra Gallery: Uniting Fashion and Technology

Vogue issues standing in a row

On September 22, Lavra gallery opened a large multimedia exhibition "Ukraine in Fashion", dedicated to the 5th anniversary of Vogue UA magazine. The main idea of the exhibition is to show the world of Vogue UA, from backstage shooting to the selection of the cover, from the editorial meeting to the final layout of the magazine. Apart from the best photos, visitors of the exhibition will be able to see photos with augmented reality and digital installations.

Video and special effects for the exhibition were prepared by the designers of Front Pictures studio, who came up with the visual design for Jamala's performance on Eurovision 2016, together with the Sensorama Lab.

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One of the most interesting parts of the exhibition is a virtual tour in the office of the editor-in-chief. Visitors of the exhibition will be able to see the editorial office of Vogue UA from within and also participate in the creation of the magazine.

Vogue UA is known for collaborations with Ukrainian artists. The exhibition will feature art projects made specifically for the magazine: a nude 3D sculpture of the model and photographer Kate Underwood by Yuliya Belyaeva, as well as clones of the artist Masha Kulikovskaya.

Architectural studio YODEZEEN has created a multi-exhibition space specifically for the exhibition in the Lavra gallery. The project's authors completely transformed the historical premises to create the place for the dialogue between the fashion community and visitors of the exhibition.

When: September 22 - October 21 (doesn't work on Mondays)
Where: Lavra Gallery, Kyiv

Photos provided by Vogue UA.

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