Samskara Exhibition: Psychedelic 3D World in Kyiv

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On November 14, the famous Samskara exhibition opened in the heart of Kyiv. This exposition is a unique collection of works created by the modern “digital alchemist” Android Jones. Here you will see graphic works, interactive installations and different other-wordly pieces of art. The exhibition is called “immersive” – which means that visitors are able to immerse into the world of art and feel themselves as a part of the unusual Samskara universe.

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What is Samskara?

The entrance to Samskara does not have a door – people get in through a mirror labyrinth that allows seeing themselves from the new angle and also taking some gorgeous pictures. The exhibition itself includes 70 pictures and holograms with additional projections, 18-meter panorama with “alive” pictures, VR-game, interactive installations, fascinating decorations, fantastic shows on spherical screens, spectacular performances and more. The apotheosis of the whole exhibition is a full-dome movie shown in a specially installed 10-meter 360 ° cinema. This movie has received four film awards.

This is the first time Samskara presents interactive projection with “kinect” system. This system allows guests direct interacting with the art objects. When people move in the front of such projection, it also begins to move.
The exposition territory also has spaces for lectures, workshops, DJ sets and parties.
The ambitious Samskara project was created by common efforts of specialists from the USA, Great Britain, China, Thailand and Ukraine. As a result, unique art of Android Jones jointed with the most modern exhibition technologies, creating a whole new psychedelic art world. The exhibition has been already visited by more than 80 000 people in Europe, America and Asia.
people watching fulldome show
Indian spiritual philosophy has been always the greatest inspiration source for Android Jones. He was deeply impressed by Bhagavadgita, which is clearly reflected in the artist`s works. Samskara exhibition is an attempt to unite the quotes of the ancient book into the one world through the language of digital art. By the way, the word “Samskara” is translated from Sanskrit as a subconsciousness unity of all experiences and impressions of a soul from its past lives. The exhibition makes us think about our role in this world and the global meaning of the existence of soul and the Universe in general.

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Who is Android Jones?

Android Jones
Andrew Jones was born and raised in the USA. In the age of 11, he had a brain surgery and had to spend much time in clinics. That period of his life deeply influenced the artist`s perception of himself, world and art. That`s when young Jones took his pseudonym “Anroid”. Android Jones thinks that he has no right to fill his life with unpleasant and useless activities so he chose art as his life path. The artist had studied traditional art, but in the mid 1990s he was introduced to the digital art and decided to commit himself to it. Nowadays the list of his projects includes “Star Wars” and "Avatar” concept art, Nintendo zombie games, installations on Empire State Building, Sydney Opera and artworks for the famous Burning Man festival. Android Jones was also involved in the designing of music discs covers and decorations for the farewell tour of “The Greatful Dead” band – the pioneers of Woodstock festival.
Using his digital brushes, Android Jones creates a whole new reality with colors, symbols and images that go far beyond our imagination.

Where and When?

show performance on exhibition
The portal to the world of Samskara opened at the address 8, Lvivska square on November 15; the exhibition will last till January 13, 2019. The whole territory of the exhibition embraces 2 000 square meters. It will work daily (except Mondays) from 1 PM till 11 PM. Kids under 7 years can visit exhibition for free. A ticket for kids aged 7-12 years costs UAH 150 (on the condition of being accompanied by an adult). Admission for grown-ups is UAH 250 on working days and UAH 350 on weekends.
Welcome to Samskara – the window to the new reality.
Photo source: Facebook page of event mentioned above and Android Jones. All photos belong to their rightful owners.

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