Main Winter Exhibitions in Ukraine 2019

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After active New Year & Christmas celebrations, we might feel the need for some more relaxing and sophisticated kind of entertainment. In this case, going to a good art exhibition is a perfect choice – it`s the right place to get new impressions in a calm and thoughtful atmosphere. Let`s find out which worthy exhibitions we can visit in Ukraine this winter.

Carbon Media Art Festival in Kyiv

visual performance in theatre in front of audience
Carbon Media Art Fest in Kyiv is a miraculous world, where the limits between art and technologies disappear. In the four large halls of the festival, the visitors will enjoy media art exhibitions of objects that react to sounds and moves; VR installations; impressive laser and light shows; “alive” sculptures; 360 projection by well-known artist Vj Yarkus; VR zone with possibility to draw in virtual reality or to see media artists performances; freak show in LED costumes; movies screening; lectures from well-known media artists; modern electronic music; tea room and lounge room. Carbon Media Art Festival is a huge experiment, uniting the most modern media art practices to create the new world of art.
When: February 1–17, 2019
Where: 13th pavilion of the National Expocenter of Ukraine

“For Dessert” Exposition in Khanenko Museum in Kyiv

elegant tea set
This unusual exhibition tells about the sophisticated traditions of sweets and dessert drinks consumption in the XVIII-XIX centuries. The first part of the exposition shows crockery for tea, coffee and chocolate. Since tea has been delivered to Europe from the Eastern countries, the exhibition unites items made of Japanese and Chinese porcelain with the items of the most famous porcelain productions of Germany, France and Great Britain. The most interesting objects of the second part of the exhibition are dessert-related items that are almost out of use nowadays: compotiers, cream freezers, fridges for wines and liquors. The famous Sevres dinnerware decorated by “bleu celeste” blue glaze is the pearl of the whole exposition.
When: January 4 – March 31
Where: Khanenko Museum

“Revolutsionuimo” (“Let`s Do Revolution”) Exposition in Mystetskyi Arsenal in Kyiv

This is an international modern art project, showing installations, paintings, multimedia, video and photographic documentations of more than 30 artists and 15 art groups from different countries, united by the topic of the revolution. The art objects tell about revolutionary events and analyze them as a social phenomena. This exposition shows that the desires for freedom, high quality of life and respect for every person are common for all the people. The special focus is made on the Revolution of Dignity – the unique experience of Ukrainian nation.
When: November 21, 2018 – January 25, 2019
Where: Mystetskyi Arsenal

“World of My Small World” Graphic Phantasmagoria Exhibition in Lviv

3 graphic artworks on the wall
The exhibition of young artist ERA Khelovneba presents around 80 works created since 2001 (the most of them were created in the period 2014–2018). On the unusual graphic artworks, visitors of the exhibition can see transformation of colorful stains into lineal figures and whole stories. These items speak directly to human subconscious mind, creating a therapeutic effect. The process reminds of the famous Rorschach test that helps to transform hidden emotions into conscious experience.
When: December 15, 2018 – January 15, 2019
Where: Museum of Ideas

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Christmas Exhibition in “Green Sofa” Gallery in Lviv

christmas nativity scene with small toys
This is the 12th time when “Green Sofa” gallery in Lviv organizes traditional festive exhibition in the period of New Year and Christmas celebrations. This event unites more than 40 artists from Lviv, Kyiv and Uzhgorod to create a unique exposition. Here you can see paintings and graphics, sculptures and glass, ceramic and wooden items, textile, signature dolls and more. All the items are different, but all of them have true holiday spirit.
When: December 15, 2018 – January 15, 2019
Where: “Green Sofa” Art Gallery

“Dyvni Kolyady” (“Weird Carols”) Exposition in Lviv

folk artworks on wall
Kolyady (“Christmas carols”) are traditional Ukrainian songs performed during winter celebrations. These ritual songs have their roots in Roman and European customs and religious rituals. In Ukraine, kolyady had been related to Pagan traditions, but then they became part of the Christian Christmas. Kolyady, always accompanied by theatre performance, dances and greetings, tell about Sun, Moon, Stars, animals, trees, traditions and magic rituals, birth of Christ and lives of the Saints. Modern authentic artists Taras Keb and Petro Buyak enrich traditional kolyady with imagination, adding new characters, images and stories.
When: December 20, 2018 – January 27, 2019
Where: “Knyzhkovy Lev” book store 

“Ehxumation” Socialist Realism Exhibition in Odesa

people looking at paintings in gallery
This exhibition is the logical continuation of the recently shown “Special Fund: Repressed art” exposition that introduced Odesa audience to unique art pieces that have been prohibited for many years. So what was they replaced with? What has become an alternative to repressed Ukrainian avant-garde and modernism? “Exhumation” exhibition will answer these questions.
When: December 14, 2018 – February 11, 2019
Where: Odesa Art Museum
Photo source: websites of events and organizations mentioned above. All photos belong to their rightful owners.
Winter 2019 exhibitions in Ukraine welcome everyone to experience exquisite vibes of art.

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