Artful Life of Lina Condes

Lina Condes

Lina Condes is a recognized pioneer in the use of technology in art. Her projects are an original synthesis of creative ideas and modern technology research.

Lina Condes took part in the world's main contemporary art forums at the Venice Biennale, Art Basel in Miami, Istanbul and Beirut, presented short videos at film festivals in Naples and Berlin, and had personal exhibitions at the Kyiv Contemporary Art Center M17.

– What are your artistic interests? What do you care about in art?

I'm interested in everything! Any form of art from painting, sculpture, installation, art video to literature ... Anything we can create, everything that makes us feel that we are "Gods". I am creating my World. We all want to be a little happier, even if we already feel happy. These are art and creativity that make my life filled. The feeling of a state of flow, being in it, gives satisfaction. Psychologist Tal Ben-Shahar developed the Csikszentmihalyi flow concept built around MPS – meaning, pleasure and strengths. I can say with confidence that I am in the energy flow and rediscovering the World in it as far as its energies and the Mind of the Universe are concerned.

– Could you tell us a little about your creative inner workings? The idea is essential but how do select technology to make it happen?

The process of creating an art object is a lot of fun. Consciousness immediately sends me images, I see the implementation process in detail. Perhaps this is thanks to my background in physics and mathematics, or maybe this is all because of the channel connecting me to the information flow of the Universe.
Art instalation

Technology is developing at a very fast pace. And today, there is a 90% certainty that any object you have invented in your head can be made. I believe there are at least three solutions to each problem. There is no such answer for us as "I can't". My team and I are working hard on any task.

– You often exhibit abroad. How integrated in world culture do you feel as an artist?

I am a person of the world, I spend 90% of my time abroad. All my exhibitions and shows are held mainly in America and Europe. However, I plan to get to know the Middle East and Asia closer and present my art there soon.

I consider myself 100% integrated into world culture but I have set high goals for myself. When serious collectors buy my works, considering my objects of art as investment, I consider this to be a good indicator of success. A sufficiently large number of collectors are following my work.

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– What are you working on today? Could you share your plans for the future?

The world is becoming so high-tech that my team started hiring IT hypers to work for our company. Today we create real objects from the future and for the future, we continue to develop iSculpture. I call my sculpture iSculpture, with "i" standing for intelligence and intellectual. This is a new way of introducing modern technology in sculpture. We are preparing many large-scale and interesting projects for the coming years. I capture all the news and creative moments on my Instagram page @LinaCondes
Lina's Art

– You do charity work. You recently presented your new sculpture “Long Driver” during a charity auction in Los Angeles to support KSK Cancer Center research programs. What is driving you?

To help others is exactly the quality that should be inherent in every person. Altruism helps us to evolve mentally and spiritually. There is no better exercise for the heart than to help people.

– Your creative credo?

Creativity begins with self-exploration, with the study of higher matters and energies. Creativity for me is a chance to interpret the accumulated knowledge by means of art objects and an opportunity to see the World differently, the Extraterrestrial world.

Photos: provided by Lina Condes

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