The First Printed Ukrainian Book is Exhibited in Lviv


The thematic exhibition dedicated to the 445 anniversary of "Apostle" book by Ivan Fedorovich in Johann Georg Pinsel Sculpture Museum is opened in Lviv. Anyone can see it as well as to take part in workshops on old typography technology in the museum until the end of March 2019.

On February 15, 1574-th Ivan Fedorovich completed the work on the first printed Ukrainian book. It was “Apostle". For one year he worked on it in the Lviv printing house. The book contains the Church Slavonic translation of the Acts and Epistles of the Apostles.
"The Apostle” is not only the first printed book in Ukraine, but the first book in an accessible language for people. It was not in Latin, ancient Greek, Polish or German. The book, which made knowledge accessible to ordinary people, influenced the formation of the world we live in now. Mass replication of knowledge through books has caused the isolation and consolidation of national languages, in particular Ukrainian, and influenced the formation of nations and national states, ” Taras Wozniak says, the director of the Lviv Art Gallery.
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The book is stored in the funds of The Old Ukrainian Book Museum at the Lviv National Gallery of Arts. It was found in the expedition of 1968 in Lisnevichi village in the church of Simeon Stolpnik. Now it is a part of the city of Pustomyty, Lviv region, ”says Vera Friz, the head of the department of the Museum of Typography.
“Typography was a difficult and long term process. First letters were created. They were poured from a “typographic alloy. ”Then a printed page was collected from them. All text was typed in a mirror image on a special frame. It was painted with a special tool in the form of a leather pillow stuffed with horsehair with a wooden pen. Forms with text were covered with paper or parchment and placed under a press. Ivan Fedorovich used oil-based ink. The page dried out for several days. Then the book was sewn.
Anyone can see the first printed Ukrainian book as well as to take part in workshops on old typography technology in the museum until the end of March.
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Address: Ploshcha Mytna, 2, L'viv
Monday is the day off.
Ticket price UAH 30

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