SWEET SENSATION Exhibition by Viacheslav Malyna

Sweet sansation exhibition

Kyiv fine art gallery Triptych: Global Arts Workshop presents ‘SWEET SENSATION’, a new project by Viacheslav Malina. This is an experimental series of paintings created on hexagonal canvases in the artist’s own style of Expressionist Pointillism.

The hexagon is a shape that often appears in nature: in bees’ honeycombs and turtle shells, water crystals and carbon molecules, in the structure of the DNA and the atmosphere of the planet Saturn. It symbolizes harmony, balance, strength, as well as the ‘sixth sense’ – a mysterious internal navigation system that helps people tell wrong from right in a fast-changing world.

In the words of artist Viacheslav Malyna:

‘SWEET SENSATION’ is about our natural desire for harmony, the balance of forces, the freedom of spiritual movements and selflessness, but sensuality as such is not a selfish, self-indulgent goal, or an intoxication with luxury… Only the life-giving, the healthy, the flowering and fertile can be truly and objectively beautiful and perfect, even if it takes on a menacing and destructive form. Our ideas of beauty are shaped in the process of the individual’s socialization and is remembered from early childhood. Aesthetic taste brings harmony to society, and an appreciation of beauty makes a human being whole, because it demands that both its natures are in accord. The presence of an ideal, meanwhile, frees the individual from harmful constraints and gives them something to strive for.

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The need for aesthetic pleasure, for this SWEET SENSATION is the expression of our unquenched thirst for wholeness, for oneness and completion, which brings harmony, energy, which shapes the creative potential and psychological stability. This need is the greatest during times of crisis, of imbalance, of dissatisfaction with the state of things, in periods of decay and a loss of faith… then, through an aesthetic SWEET SENSATION, through empathy with works of art, our inner tension is released, and harmony and serenity is restored within us.”

According to Myroslava Hartmond, the exhibition curator and managing director of Triptych: Global Arts Workshop, “the art of Viacheslav Malyna is characterized by original spatial thinking and an experimental approach. He confidently explores different materials and subjects. The modular quality of the exhibition design evokes the ancient mosaic art, and reminds us of the perfection of creation. The unusual shape of the canvas is reminiscent of Kazimir Malevich’s Suprematist quests and the geometric abstraction of Ellsworth Kelly, because Viacheslav Malyna’s goal is to use visual means to capture a certain elusive feeling which defies description. The “confectionary” colour scheme and laidback playfulness of the compositions evoke bright childhood memories, encouraging the viewer to remember the giddy excitement of pure joy.”

Viacheslav Malina was born in 1975 in Heolohiv village in the Kirovohrad region. He graduated from the Kyiv National University of Construction and Architecture in 2007. Since 2010 he has actively exhibited in both solo and group exhibitions. His preferred style is Expressionist Pointillism, which he created himself. Viacheslav lives and works in Kyiv.
The exhibition will be on display in Triptych: Global Arts Workshop from the 21st March to the 3rd April 2019, daily 11.00-19.00, entrance is free.
The launch event will take place on Thursday 21st March 2019 at 19.00.
Address: 34 Andriyivskyy Uzviz, Kyiv, Ukraine

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