IYOV Opera Comes Back to Kiev

IYOV Opera Comes Back to Kiev

The updated version of the opera, first presented on the main stage of the international festival of contemporary art GOGOLFEST-2015 in Kiev, returns home after its world tour.

The contemporary opera ‘IYOV’ was created on the base of the book of Iyov from the Old Testament with the use of sacred Latin texts. It is written in synthetic genre that combines opera, requiem and oratory for the first time in the history of world music.

The Book of Iyov is not just a story about the life of the biblical hero. This is the story of human despair, sacrifice and finding oneself. Poignant story of suffering that turns into an ode to life. Such boundless faith of Iyov not only gives hope, but also returns all that was lost on the way of overcoming the obstacles that life offers.

‘IYOV’ is a mysterious birth of new sound within the prepared piano on the limits of the capacities of human voice. Musical drama performance is based on contrasting compilation of recitatives and musical parts, written for the canonical texts of the Catholic Mass. Due to the unusual playing techniques and the use of percussion instruments, the piano sometimes sounds as if it is a symphony orchestra, and even as a generator of electronic sounds.

During 2015 the opera ‘IYOV’ was presented in Austria, China and the United States. In 2016 it finally comes back home – to Kiev – in order to impress the Ukrainian audience one more time, gaining the reputation of one of the top things to see and most expected events in Kiev.

Director: Vladislav Troitsky
Composers: Roman Gregory, Illya Razumeyko
Artists: Mariana Holovko (soprano), Anna Marich (soprano), Alexander Melle (mezzo-soprano), Andriy Koshman (baritone), Ruslan Kirsch (baritone) Anton Litvinov (bass), Elizaveta Kurbanmahomedova (voice), Joan Marczyński (cello), Andrew Nadolskyy (drums), Ilya Razumeyko (piano), Roman Gregory (conductor)
Sound: Maxim Kapusta
Visual effects: Tenpoint VJ's

When: March 1, 2016
Where: ‘KPI’ Palace of Arts
Price: UAN 150 - 450
Tickets are available at: http://parter.ua/ua/event/kontserty/klasyka/9304.html

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