K&Z Art Room Opening in Kiev

K&Z Art Room Opening in Kiev

Contemporary art scene of Kiev has just been enriched with a new name. Fresh and ambitious young project, which aims to combine art with business and cultural events. Take a glance at some highlights from the K&Z Art Room opening in Kiev that was held on February 18, 2016.

Photo: K&Z Art Room Official Facebook page

A&Z Art Room is a new art space that brings together business format and exhibitions of contemporary art. Part of the gallery is planned to be dedicated to business presentations, workshops, film screenings, fashion shows, and VIP-parties with a European chic touch.

Photo: K&Z Art Room Official Facebook page
‘While traveling around the world I realized that the transformation in our country does not depend on solutions from above, but they have to come from ourselves. The idea of building and popularizing a new European project for business and leisure appeared in such a way”, - said the co-owner of K&Z Art Room.

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The exhibition of paintings by famous French artist Gerard Salomon Wasserman called ‘Enigmatism’ was opening the gallery. The meaning of the word ‘enigmatism’ is a bit confusing. In English enigma is a mystery, something vague, with no clear meaning or with a deeply hidden meaning. Indeed, Wasserman’s is as mysterious as the word itself. The artist uses the ‘free association’ technique in order to release the flow of images from his mind that come with the chosen theme.

Photo: K&Z Art Room Official Facebook page
The works of the renowned artist, whose paintings are proudly hung in the world best Modern Art museums, are going to stay in Ukraine for only one weekend: from February 19, 2016 tell February 22, 2016. Do not miss a chance to approach the brightness and vividness of the free association at the K&Z Art Room in Kiev!

Address: 22 Honchara str., Kiev

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