Main Opera and Ballet Performances of November 2017 in Kyiv

Main Opera and Ballet Performances of November 2017 in Kyiv

This year, the National Opera of Ukraine in Kyiv celebrates its 150th anniversary. Just imagine – 150 years of excellent ballet and opera performances, that touched hearts of thousands grateful visitors! On occasion of this important jubilee, the new season in Kyiv Opera is going to be exceptionally bright and exciting. Check out the main upcoming opera and ballet performances at the National Opera of Ukraine in November 2017.

Madama Butterfly (Сіо-Cio-San)

Madama Butterfly is an opera in two acts written by Italian composer Giacomo Puccini on libretto of Giuseppe Giacosa and Luigi Illica. The opera based on the “Geisha” play of David Belasko was firstly performed in Milan theatre “La Scala” on 17 February 1904. Madama Butterfly tells the story of an unhappy love of a young Japanese girl called Cio Cio San. Cio Cio San, who also has pretty nickname “Butterfly”, is in a love affair with Benjamin Franklin Pinkerton, a lieutenant of the US navy. He swears that he loves Butterly and promises to marry her. But in very deed, the young man is going to play an unfair game… The plot of Madama Butterfly opens up all the meanness of the human nature, which leads to desperate suffering of the deceived girl.
When: November 5, 19:00
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Gala Concert Dedicated to Kyiv Opera 150th Anniversary
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On November 8, 1867, a very important event took place in Kyiv, which became a milestone not only for Kyiv dwellers, but for the whole cultural life of Ukraine. On that date, the curtains of Kyiv Opera House were lifted for the first time! On November 8, 2017, the curtains of the National Opera of Ukraine in Kyiv will be lifted to open a grandiose gala concert dedicated to the 150th anniversary of the main musical theatre of the country. The program of the concert includes overture and scene “Zaporizka Sich” from “Taras Bulba” opera of Mykola Lysenko, fragments from operas and ballets composed by Giuseppe Verdi, Georges Bizet, Giacomo Puccini, Mikhail Skorulsky, Piotr Tchaikovsky and many other. Solo artists of opera and ballet together with chorus and orchestra of the National Opera of Ukraine will take part in this magnificent event.
When: November 8, 19:00
The Marriage of Figaro

“The Marriage of Figaro” is an opera buffa in Italian language, written by Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart on libretto of Lorenzo da Ponte. This musical masterpiece is based on similarly named play of Pierre-Augustin de Beaumarchais. The premiere of “The Marriage of Figaro” was held on May 1, 1786, in Wien. The whole story takes place during one day in the palace of count Almaviva. The housemates of the count are involved in a crazy intrigue with weddings, trials, adoption, jealousy and reconciliation. The housekeeper Figaro, very humorous and wise man, becomes the central figure of the whole plot. Usually Figaro is the best adviser and helper of Almaviva, but on that day he falls into disfavor of the count because of decision to marry young charming maid Suzanna.
When: November 9, 19:00
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The Nutcracker

“The Nutcracker” is a world-famous ballet of Piotr Tchaikovsky based on the fairy tale of German writer Ernst Hoffmann. The ballet was presented to wide audience for the first time on the stage of Maryyinsky theatre in St. Petersburg on December 6, 1892. The breathtaking choreography of “The Nutcracker” allows viewers to discover mystery of a child`s soul with its wonderful ability to combine reality and fantasy. All characters of this fairy tale has their own unique inner world and dreams. The main heroine, girl named Klara, experiences the whole spectrum of various emotions: she feels sadness, fear, wonder, surprise and happiness. She is still a child, but already begins to express femininity and grace. The girl gets into a magic fairy tale, where she finds out that toy Nutbracker is a prince under spell and that all toys come to life at night. Klara discovers that she is capable of doing a brave act in order to overthrow the power of the Rat King. The Nutcracker, who looks miserable and weak at the first sight, courageously joins the battle to protect Klara.
When: November 15, 19:00
Swan Lake
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Only on November 17, 2017, famous prima ballerina of Milan theatre “La Scala” Petra Conti and the principal dancer of the National Opera of Ukraine Alexander Stoyanov are going to perform together in eminent “Swan Lake”. “Swan Lake” is a ballet in four acts composed by Piotr Tchaikovsky. The premiere of the ballet took place on March 4, 1877, in Moscow. This genius masterpiece has been winning hearts of viewers around the world for more than 100 years. The plot of “Swan Lake” is based on an old German legend, telling about beautiful princess Odette, turned into a white swan by evil magician Rothbart. This mystical story, accompanied by fantastic music of Tchaikovsky, is built upon the contrast of good and evil, light and darkness, such as conflict of Odette and magician`s daughter Odile (black swan). Will the power of love between Odette and prince Siegfried win the battle? Come and see by your own eyes.
When: November 17, 19:00
Address: 50, Volodymyrska street
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Photo source:, official website of the National Opera of Ukraine in Kyiv. All photos belong to their rightful owners.


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