May 2018 Concerts in Ukraine

May 2018 Concerts in Ukraine

The end of April was epically marked by the 30 Seconds to Mars concert in Kyiv, which ignited the scene and prepared the local audience and guests of the capital for the upcoming events. Luckily, May is similarly exciting in terms of concerts in Ukraine — starting with electro hits from BØRNS or Morcheeba and symphonic orchestra performing Interstellar OST.

New York Jazz - Eden Ladin

Eden Ladin was born in a family of musical talent: his father was a renowned Israeli drummer. Eden chose a lyrical path for himself as well, opting for piano instead of drums. His talent didn’t go unnoticed: the young musician received a scholarship allowing jazz studies abroad. Besides, Eden has taught at the New School of Jazz and Contemporary Music in New York. The unique style born in-between trips to New York from Tel Aviv and back gave a green light for high critical acclaim, numerous collaborations, and festival performances. This May, Eden will give a concert in a cozy 32JazzClub on Podil in Kyiv.
When: May 10, 8 P.M.
Where: 32JazzClub, Kyiv

A dark horse of electronic music, Latexfauna started their career as a niche retro wave band mostly known to the lovers of the genre. Soon the pleasant melodies and vocals gave the way for Latexfauna to appear on the radio charts and conquer them with their popular ‘Surfer’. In February this year the band released a single ALOE, and in the next month it gave the fans a new music video Дослідниця (‘Explorer’), full of sensual visuals and rich sound. This May Latexfauna will present their first album in the Atlas Club.
When: May 16, 7 P.M.
Where: Atlas, Kyiv
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GusGus is a duo from Iceland that performs an intriguing fusion of house and techno, which sounds best in studio headphones and, of course, live at the concert. The band will present a new ‘Lies Are More Flexible’ album after a 4-year hiatus. Some tracks had already been performed at Iceland Airwaves fest and received high acclaim from fans and critics. Luckily, the band will give concerts in various Ukrainian cities, including Kharkiv.
When: May 17-19
Where: Malevich club, Lviv; Mekhanika art-zavod, Kharkiv; Stereo Plaza, Kyiv

This trip-hop band has been charming international listeners and charts since the 90s; it hasn't lost its vibe today. To many, the band is known for a unique and rich voice of lead singer, Skye Edwards - one of the Morcheeba's founders. The last time fans heard of them was 5 years ago, when they released Head up High album. Luckily, this year Morcheeba presents a new album, and Never Undo single was released in March. The band will perform in the capital to revive the greatest hits and present their new album.
When: May 21, 7 P.M.
Where: October Palace, Kyiv
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Ennio Morricone | Hans Zimmer | James Horner Tribute

The three legendary personalities that have planted themselves in the history of cinematography will be revived in Kyiv thanks to the Lords of Sound Orchestra. Sure enough, it’s hard to grasp the composers’ music in a single concert, so Lords of Sound Orchestra chose the best hits from more than 10 movies including Interstellar, The Dark Knight, Once Upon a Time in America, Titanic, Django Unchained, Inception and many others.
When: May 23, 7 P.M.
Where: National Palace of Arts ‘Ukraine’, Kyiv
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An internationally famous Croatian-Slovenian duo finally comes to Kyiv with a grand concert. The two cellists have mastered various genres from classics to rock music, but the band hit their fame thanks to the wondrous covers of best contemporary hits. Their performances received high praise even from music legends like Elton John. This May the duo will charm Kyiv audience in the National Palace of Arts ‘Ukraine’.
When: May 27, 7 P.M.
Where: National Palace of Arts ‘Ukraine’, Kyiv
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Finally, a nice way to settle the end of May holidays is to attend the concert of the popular contemporary electronic musician BØRNS. His biggest hits like American Money topped the charts since 2015, and on May 29 the American singer will present his new Album Blue Madonna to Ukrainian listeners. The charming vibes at the Atlas Club will give more strength to go on with the daily life after the holidays are over.
When: May 29, 8 P.M.
Where: Atlas, Kyiv
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