New Exhibition at K&Z Art Room in Kiev

New Exhibition at K&Z Art Room in Kiev

On March 4, 2016 K&Z Art Room will hold an opening of a new exhibition that presents the works of two Ukrainian contemporary artists: Igor Shiyanenko and Svyatoslav Bazyuk.

Igor Shiyanenko and Svyatoslav Bazyuk are two bright young representatives of Ukrainian contemporary art. Their works are going to be brought together in one exhibit space of K&Z Art Room, a recently opened new place for arts in Kiev.
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Such a ‘neighborhood’ of the artists is not an accident. Both authors encourage a breakthrough in ‘disorder’ of things that opens up a new world of metaphors and invents new ways of understanding. Blending reality in the most unexpected combinations, mixing various styles and taking inspiration from the works of Dali, Warhol, Chagall, Van Gogh, Rothko and other artists of Modernity, Igor Shiyanenko and Svyatoslav Bazyuk go along with time and challenge the contemporary lifestyle. The artists are among the most popular and interesting participants of Ukrainian contemporary art movement, whose artworks are definitely worth seeing.

This one of the trending exhibitions in Kiev will be open every day until March 16, 2016 at K&Z Art Room. Keep it in mind while being in the city center and step by to discover the new wave of Ukrainian contemporary art.
Address: 22 Honchara str., Kiev

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