Kyiv Nightlife Tips for Foreigners

Kiev nightlife tips for foreigners

Capital of Ukraine is famous with its luxury nightclubs, good bars and beautiful ladies. These tips as to Kyiv nightlife can help a foreigner to enjoy this kind of leisure time.

If you are in Kyiv to rest, it’s better to discover new city nightlife in a company of some local guides. They can help with advice and some tips on peculiarities of behavior. Your safety is the main priority while you go to a night club or bar.

Kyiv nightlife tips for foreigners

Don’t take too much money and different credit cards with you. Just get the certain sum of cash and may be a card with relatively small limit.

Check on the map the location of the club and book a taxi through a mobile application, for example, UKLON, Uber. It will help you to avoid translation difficulties.

Always bring your ID card with you. It can help should any contacts with police occur. By the way, police in Kyiv has changed a lot during the last year. Now it follows the European standards and the policemen are really helpful for citizens. So don’t be afraid to contact them if you need help. This new police staff speaks English and is really friendly.

Keep your documents, money and mobile phone in the inner pocket of your jacket.

When you are at a nightclub don’t get into contact with some unknown drunk men, they can be aggressive. Also, don’t get into political conversations.

Don’t get involved in card games, gambling or pool-table games for money etc.  Gambling in any form is illegal, with the exception of the national lottery and sports betting in certified betting offices.

People in a bar
If you are a man and you want to meet a lady, just be sure that: 1 – she is without her boyfriend here, 2 – she is not looking for a sponsor, 3 – she is not earning money making love.

If you must pay by credit card, NEVER let your card out of your sight. In the restaurant or café while paying with a credit card, first of all ask if they accept the type of card you have, then after checking the bill ask the waiter to bring the POS terminal to your table or bring your card to the POS terminal yourself following the waiter. This way you will have your credit card in your sight all the time, and other people will not be able to copy your CC details to commit any frauds.

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Don’t drink so much as Ukrainians. You have to know that this nation is well trained in terms of alcohol, so for a beginner it could be difficult to follow the rhythm. Drink a lot of water and eat snacks to stay sober.

Don’t leave your drink unattended, and never accept a drink from a stranger or recent acquaintance.  Drink Spiking is the act of covertly adding chemicals or drugs to your drink - is not unheard of in Kyiv and the consequences speak for themselves.  Similarly don't leave your cash and valuables unattended.  Be aware of your alcohol consumption, try not to overindulge and not be able to make your way home safely.

Be positive, dance a lot, find good new friends and enjoy your nightlife in Kyiv.
If you want to get back home, don’t catch a car on the street, but, again, book a cab through a mobile application.

Enjoy your nightlife in Kyiv!


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