Best Clubs in Odessa

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The best clubs in Odessa go along with the night life of the European seaside resorts and are one of the favorite places of time spending for young people and city guests.


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Photo: Ibiza Official Facebook page
Shaped like an anthill and entirely outdoors on the beach, this Odessa nightclub boasts numerous bars, big seating area, massive stage, multiple TVs and one jam packed dance floor. Ibiza is located directly in the middle of Odessa’s Arkadia seacoast zone, entirely outdoors and about 100 meters away from the Black Sea. Odessa’s Ibiza hosts some of Europe’s well-known DJs, who frequently come here to make their rounds through this wonderful club. Hundreds of locals, tourists and electronic music enthusiasts visit Ibiza nightly to do nothing but relax, listen to music and dance as it provides probably the most perfect setting to do so while in Odessa. Unlike neighboring Itaka, this club plays exclusively house and techno. If you’re up to not just stepping by to dance a bit, but to spend the whole night at one of the best clubs in Odessa, be sure to book a table in advance and in person, as Ibiza does not take reservations over the phone.
Address: Arkadia Beach, Odessa


large beach club

Photo: Itaka Official Facebook page
Along with Ibiza, this is one of the best nightlife experiences in Odessa during summer season. Designed in the style of Greek ruins, this massive nightclub boasts an enormous dance floor, spectacular stage, massive pillars overlooking Black Sea, seating area, one long bar and hundreds of mesmerized dancing patrons. Each night is kicked off with a bang through a spectacular show (usually at midnight) which is a must see for anyone in Odessa. It is always better to make reservations for prime sitting space, as Itaka is a popular place in Odessa. Itaka's crowd is as diverse as Odessa’s population: local glam crowd, Western and Russian tourists, little kids with parents and a massive number of staff workers wearing nothing but traditional togas. It is hard to think of a place where one can make friends as easily as at Odessa's Itaka, especially with the help of some exotic alcoholic beverages that the bubbly bartenders are happy to serve. The only con is the music: Itaka plays exclusively pop with the same songs repeating numerously every night.
Address: Arkadia Beach, Odessa


luxury nightclub

Photo: Palladuim Official Webpage
Palladium is hands down the best off-season club Odessa has to offer. It is a sister club of Itaka and takes over its scene and customers once the summer days are gone. Palladium is centrally located in a newly renovated building not far from the Train Station. It interiors feature multiple levels, funky wall and furniture colors, multiple bars and one massive dance floor. It also serves as performance stage for many pop stars who visit Odessa in the winter months. Palladium opens at 11am daily and functions as a restaurant until 9pm. Around 11pm the best night exclusive shows in the city attract chic Odessa crowd. Expect to see many people here dancing to the sounds of resident and revolving DJs playing dominantly pop and house music.
Address: 4 Italian Blvd., Odessa

Nightlife in Odessa is a vivid mix of overwhelming parties, exhausting dancing and romantic sea. Get crazy and try out the taste of fun beach parties at one of the best clubs in Odessa!


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