Top-5 Nightclubs in Odesa Worth Visiting

people dancing in nightclub

It seems that nightlife in Odesa never sleeps. Of course the summer time is a high season, but all over the year to can enjoy best nightclubs in Odesa with their trendy DJs and pulsing atmosphere. Let's see what's best to do in Odesa at night.

Most fashionable nightclubs in Odesa are located close to the beaches. And it is reasonable. Only here you can enjoy amazing views and crazy rhythm of clubbing nights. Moreover, many of the night clubs located in Odesa also attract people from all over Ukraine as concert arenas of popular international DJs. For instance, stars of electronic music like Steve Aoki have visited Ukraine to play a set on the Black Sea shore. Let's see what are the best best night clubs in Odesa:

Itacadance floor in beach club

Itaca is located in one of the liveliest and most picturesque parts of the city - Arcadia beach, which is also considered to be the heart of Odesa nightlife. The nightclub is very popular among both the dwellers and guests of Odesa. The interior of the club resembles the ruins of the Greek city by the sea with all its sand, as well as "ancient" statues and vases. Prices in Itaca are also quite democratic.

Location: Arcadia beach
Cuisine: Russian, Ukrainian, French, Japanese
Entertainment: Wi-Fi, Beach, Dance Floor, Show
Music: Disco, DJ's


performance in nightclub
Palladium is by far the most popular and visited nightclub in city, and if you want to have a good experience of nightlife in Odesa - don’t hesitate to visit this one. Every day Palladium hosts from 400 to 2 000 people that come to visit grand Odesa parties. They've got live music, nice interior and a cozy atmosphere with good food and service.

Location: 4, Italian Boulevard, Odesa
Cuisine: European
Entertainment: TV / Video, Dance Floor, Topless dances
Music: Disco, DJ's
Amenities: VIP-hall, banquet hall, Hookah

Residence Park

dj playing set in club
Another star of Odesa nightlife, the Residence Park club is considered to be one of the most glamorous open areas in the city. The facility is located on the French Boulevard, just a few minutes’ drive from the Arcadia beach. Oddly enough, the entrance to the Residence Park club is free. However, you will be able to get inside only if you go through a quite hard face-control. There are beautiful girls with model looks and no wonder that the prices are rather high. But nevertheless the place is great and if you decide to visit it on the weekend, better to reserve a table beforehand, because otherwise you might not get a chance to sit.

Address: 85, French Boulevard, Odesa
Cuisine: European, Japanese
Entertainment: Wi-Fi, Beach, Dance Floor
Music: Disco, DJ's, Lounge, Popular
Amenities: VIP-hall Hookah


concert of artist in nightclub
It is another very popular nightclub in Odesa. They have literally everything you might want here: a nightclub with dancing area, a nice restaurant with good cuisine and a large selection of drinks, and a concert hall with weekly performances. The soft interior of the club is designed primarily in light colors. Ibiza often becomes one of the points of interest for tourists in Odesa.

Location: the Arcadia beach
Cuisine: European, Ukrainian, Japanese
Entertainment: TV/Video, Wi-Fi, Beach, Dance Floor, Show
Music: DJ's
Amenities: VIP-hall, banquet hall, Hookah

Bono Beach Club

people dancing at party in clubBono Beach Club is a well-known entertainment complex in Odesa, uniting nightclub, restaurant, pool terrace & hotel. The club is located in the famous Arcadia. Guests of Bono Beach Club are welcome to enjoy beach with clean white sand, three pools with seawater, beach parties with the best DJs, relaxing rest in a bungalow with family.

The restaurant that holds 120 persons impresses with the most delicious delicacies of European and Asian cuisine as well as with the wonderful panoramic view over the seaside. The club has two dance floors: the first near the main stage and the second open-air dance floor right near the pool. Professional DJs, top world`s artists and colorful light installations will make you dance all night long.

Location: Arcadia beach
Cuisine: European, Pan-Asian
Entertainment: Wi-Fi, Beach, Pool, Dance Floor, Show
Music: Disco, DJ's
Amenities: Hotel, Hookah

Morgan Club

Morgan ClubLegendary Morgan club, which is also called “The first cocktail bar of Odesa”, was founded in 1997. Since then, it became a very popular nightlife spot in Odesa, attracting locals as well as for foreign guests of the city. Those who like partying and dancing all night long will definitely appreciate Morgan Club for its working schedule: on Fridays and Saturdays it works non-stop with a break only from 8:00 to 10:00 AM.

The club has a big glass veranda, a scene, a dance floor, two café bars and a restaurant. Morgan club occupies two floors, it has 125 seats and its total capacity is 400 people. Parties with the best DJs are held here almost every day. Morgan club is also famous for its good kitchen. The clients are offered a wide range of dishes from soft sweet croissants to greasy steaks and sushi, and, of course, diverse kinds of fancy cocktails. Morgan club is also a good place to enjoy karaoke and hookah.

Location: 30, Zhukovskogo Street
Cuisine: Ukrainian, Eastern European, Central European
Entertainment: Wi-Fi, Dance Floor, Show
Music: DJ
Amenities: Hookah, Reservations

Nice Club

Nice ClubNice Club is a fashionable karaoke club and restaurant in the center of Odesa, which is a real gift for those who love singing. It is located on the territory of Shevchenko park. Nice club offers its visitors the best dishes of European and Japanese cuisine and a magnificent bar menu. Professional sound equipment and microphones for karaoke is the special feature of this location. An experienced sound engineer helps clients, adjusting karaoke equipment accurately for their voices.

Why not add feeling like a real star on the karaoke scene of Nice Club to the list of things to do in Odesa? Karaoke works from 22:00 till 8:00, but the club itself is open 24/7, so visitors can dance and enjoy meals here all night and day long. Besides that, Nice Club organizes cinema evenings, so clients can watch a good movie on a big screen in a pleasant company with hookah and tasty drinks.

Location: 1/20 Marazlievskaya Street
Cuisine: International, Pan-Asian
Entertainment: Wi-Fi, Dance Floor, Karaoke
Music: Karaoke
Amenities: Movie Showings

These popular nightclubs in Odesa propose high quality hangout for everyone.
Photo source:, websites of businesses mentioned above. All photos belong to their rightful owners.


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