Odessa International Theatre Festival in July 2016

Odessa International Theatre Festival in July 2016

The main and the primary idea of ​​the Theater Festival is creation of a comfortable space to organize and invite people who are ready to experience the bliss of creativity in its pure and original form.

Odessa International Theatre Festival is aimed to create a playful spirit. One of its objectives is to share the cultural relics of theatrical creativity through exchange of experiences, ideas and gifts. The festival brings together people who gathered not to argue and fight, not to set goals or explain the truth known to all, but to develop, enjoy the creativity and communication.
The whole world is a stage and every moment is action. Bliss is the main prize of the festival. The event will provide an opportunity not only to see the finished product but also to find out the mystery of creation of this miracle. The festival will be an opportunity to learn the way of presentation from posters to set up.
Professional and non-professional theater groups willing to offer alternative and interesting works that can go beyond present day offers are among the participants from different cities and countries.

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The jury does not assess the pros and cons of the works but provides the theater participants with basic analysis of the festival performances – it’s a kind of master classes. "Green Theatre" is the first and, perhaps, the only festival in Ukraine that does not name winners and marks; it does not give grants and scholarships. That is why more attention is focused on the works that are equally treated, with demand but friendly.
This festival is seen as modern and necessary in the era of the official theatrical nihilism, commercialization and vulgarity. The festival is open to all the people who want to express themselves in theatre performances, from posters to the premiere itself. The festival schedule includes:
-Performances from around the world as well as works from Odessa
-Exhibition of theater posters
-Street performance
-Play reading
-Master classes by leading directors, writers, playwriters, make-up artists, actors, dancers, decorators and other creators.
During the festival the participants and guests, directors, writers and artists will make the live performances in just 7 days.
Training will take place in a traveling theater (tent city) under the guidance of masters of various theatrical practices.
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Where: Dumskaya square, 1, Dumskaya street, Odessa
When: from 25 till 31 of July, 2016
Start at 10:00 a.m., end at 7:00 p.m.

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