Great Performances in Kyiv: October 2018

Women dancing on the stage

Autumn is the high time to take out the warm coat from the depth of the wardrobe — and also to check out the what’s new in the city’s theatres. The artists return for a new season bringing more exciting plays than before. This October, Kyiv will meet the finalists of Taking the Stage contest developed by the British Council in Ukraine and enjoy challenging performances by leading ballet dancers of the world.

Paquita + Scheherazade

Ballerina dancingThe soloist of the English National Ballet Kateryna Haniukova and her partner, premier of the Paris Opera Ballet François Alu will perform together on the stage of the National Opera in Kyiv. During one night, the pair will perform the contrasting parts of two very different ballets — classical and challenging Paquita and modern fiery Scheherazade.

When: October 7
Where: National Opera of Ukraine
Price: starting at UAH 200

Kitty / Кицюня

Art theater in UkraineKitty based on the book "Lieutenant from Inishmore Island" by Martin McDonald was one of the winners of Taking the Stage theatrical contest that took place at the beginning of 2018. The play brings light to the story of a ruthless murderer Patrick who doesn’t care for a single soul except for one girl. When she gets in trouble, Patrick doesn’t hesitate to threaten the whole island to get her out.

When: October 7
Where: Scene 6
Price: starting at UAH 150

Taking the Stage 2018

Art theater in Ukraine called Taking the StageIn October 2018, Kyiv theatrical scene will welcome the finalists of the theatrical Taking the Stage contest developed by British Council in Ukraine and 'Theatrical Platform' NGO. The contest supports artistically original, socially significant, experimental productions and creates opportunities for exchange of ideas, experiences and theatrical practices between Ukrainian and British theatrical professionals.

During the two days in October, 11 contestants will rival for the jury’s attention with the 20-minute abstracts from their plays. While the jury decides who takes the first and the second place, the audience is in charge of the third, so there is a great chance to give the way for someone you’d love to see on the stage in future.

When: October 12-13
Where: Scene 6
Price: UAH 70

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4.48 Psychosis

4.48 Psychosis in KyivBased on the same-name play by Sarah Kane, 4.48 Psychosis tells a story about dying, namely dying in your own mind while struggling with mental illness. The play directed by Roza Sarkisian is one of the finalists of Taking the Stage 2018 and premiered in January this year. It takes performance to the new level with projections on different planes, interacting with the audience and much more.

When: October 14
Where: Aktor Theater
Price: starting at UAH 100

Zaporozhian Beyond The Danube

Zaporozets beyond the danube in KyivThis libretto by Hulak-Artemovsky is one of the Ukrainian opera classics. Already beloved way back when it has been first staged in the 19th century, it still stays one of the most popular comic pieces one can attend in the opera. The story tells about Cossack’s fight against Sultan on the Turkish lands following the days after the destruction of Zaporozhian Sich, the Cossack autonomous state.

When: October 14
Where: National Opera of Ukraine
Price: starting at UAH 50

Children of the night: The Midday Dream

Children of the night: The Midday Dream in KyivThe first part of the Children of the night premiered in March 2018 and got standing ovations from Kyiv audience. This October, a duet of Ukrainian dancers Oleksandr Stoianov and Kateryna Kukhar followed by the artist of Staatsbalett Berlin Aleksandr Abdukarimov comes back to Kyiv stage with a sequel.

The performance tells a tale of Androgynous, who fought against the Children of the night, who impersonate fears and doubts, to find his true love. This time, Androgynous meets the creature that lives beyond the time and space, ruling the Children of the night. The creature fears that Androgynous will plant the hope inside humans’ hearts — and the audience will find out who comes out the winner of this clash.

When: October 19
Where: National Opera of Ukraine
Price: starting at UAH 100

The Oresteia

The Orestia theater in KyivIn the past few years, the independent theater Misanthrope became widely-known for presenting the yet unexplored elements of Ukrainian theater space. The Oresteia is one of their works that surprised many theatre lovers of the capital.

The Aeschylus trilogy, consisting of Agamemnon, The Libation Bearers and The Eumenides is the basis of the play by director Ilya Moshitsky and composer Dmitry Saratsky. The performance impresses with visuals — video projections are used on different planes to add to the vibe of the ancient Greek tragedy and interact with the audience.

When: October 27
Where: Theater on Podil
Price: starting at UAH 200

Photo sources: British Council in Ukraine, National Opera of Ukraine, Elena Migashko/ All images belong to their rightful authors.

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