Top November 2018 Concerts in Lviv

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Though cold November leaves us no much chance for open-air parties and festivals, it still can offer some great indoor music events. Definitely, gloomy days do not mean that we have to stop listening to good music! So let`s check out the top concerts of November 2018 that awaits for us in Lviv.


Jozef van Wissem is the famous Dutch minimalist composer and lute player. In 2013, he received an award of Cannes Film Festival for the best original soundtrack for Jim Jarmusch`s “Only Lovers Left Alive” movie. Jozef has also recorded several albums together with Jarmusch. Jozef van Wissem is well-known for his uncommon approach to playing lute – the instrument typical for Renaissance and Baroque epochs. On his Lviv show, the artist will present two new albums. The first one called “Nobody Living Can Ever Make Me Turn Back” was released in December 2017; the second album that is going to be released this fall still does not have an official name.
When: November 1, 9 PM
Where: Organ and Chamber Music House


Nowadays ONUKA, the electro folk band founded in 2013, is one of the most popular Ukrainian music bands. This fall, ONUKA presents new album called “MOZAЇKA” – the story about a series of weird synchronicities, circumstances and symbols. This album is an interactive project uniting music, video, photo and hidden messages. The songs of the newly released “MOZAЇKA” tell us about the personal story of vocalist Nata, about her feelings, emotions and memories. In the list of songs, you will find compositions dedicated to Nata`s beloved one, to her grandmother and to music idols of Nata`s childhood.
When: November 14, 7 PM
Where: Malevich Concert Arena


DakhaBrakha is a Ukrainian band presenting the culture of its homeland on the stages of such festivals as Glastonbury, Bonnaroo, Sziget and many other. The members of the band call their music style “ethno chaos”. The list of the instruments used in DakhaBrakha records is truly impressive: bass drums, percussion, flute, piano, cello, djembe, accordion, ukulele, harmonica, cajon, darbuka, tabla, didgeridoo. Even the eminent David Beckham used one of DakhaBrakha songs for his brand`s advertisement.
When: November 19, 7 PM
Where: Maria Zankovetska Theatre

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God Is An Astronaut is an Irish band perfectly uniting such music genres as post-rock, ambient, krautrock and space-rock. The sound of this outstanding band is guaranteed to take your soul to the deep space. In November 2018, the band is coming to Lviv to present its new long-play called “Epitaph”. The audience will enjoy grandiose show, interesting visual effects, famous hits and new songs with lyrics telling about aesthetic beauty and fight against violence.
When: November 20, 7 PM
Where: !FESTRepublic


Kadebostany is a Swiss alternative/indie rock band founded in 2008 in Geneva. The band became popular after the release of remix to Beyoncé song “Сrazy In Love” that sounded in the well-known “50 Shades of Gray” movie. Nowadays, Kadebostany hits such as “Teddy Bear”, “Castle In The Snow”, “Mind If I Stay” and other get to the top of numerous charts, inspiring DJs from all over the world to make remixes. Breathtaking visual effects and dance performances turn each Kadebostany stage show into a true magic.
When: November 23, 7 PM
Where: Malevich Concert Arena


The third Dark stage festival will delight all fans of dark and heavy music sound. The event is supported by the organizers of the well-known “Faine Misto” festival. The lineup of Dark stage festival vol. 3 includes such bands as Bad Omens (the USA), Space of Variations (Ukraine), SEVERALS (Czech Republic), DASH (Ukraine).
Where: !FESTRepublic
When: November 23, 7 PM
These music performances will surely add bright colors and vivid vibes to your November in Lviv.
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