The Most Expected Concerts in Ukraine: December 2018

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When it`s snowing and cold outside, we often do not want to leave our apartments – but not in the case if a good concert is going on! Music brings us joy and fun all the year round, and this winter is not an exception. Let`s check out music shows worth visiting in Ukraine in December 2018.

Craig David in Kyiv

The British artist Craig David has already gained wide popularity with his pop, soul and R&B compositions. The list of Craig`s achievements includes few Grammie nominations and 15 million of records sold; his hit called “7 days” was in Billboard TOP-10 chart. Currently, Craig`s fans celebrate his return to the music world. The artist comes back with the grandiose TS5 DJ show that has already won hearts of the audience in Europe. In the beginning of December, Kyiv listeners will also have a chance to hear it live.
Where: Stereo Plaza
When: December 6, 8 PM

Architects in Kyiv

The British metalcore band Architects is coming back to Kyiv with their new album called “Holy Hell”. This is the 8th studio release of the band and the first one that was recorded without co-founder and guitarist of Architects – Tom Searle, who passed away in 2016. The songs of this album is about the value of pain and about ability to love life even in its darkest periods.
Where: Stereo Plaza
When: December 8, 7 PM

Tiesto in Kyiv

DJ Tiesto can be called the most popular world`s DJ and the symbol of electronic music inspiring many young artists. In 2015, Tiesto won Grammie; he was also called “The No 1 DJ” by “Rolling Stone” magazine, and “The best DJ in the history” by “Mixmag” magazine. Apart from his own works, Tiesto is well-known as a professional remixer who cooperated with the most famous artists such as Beyonce, Coldplay, Kanye West and many other.
Where: Stereo Plaza
When: December 12, 9 PM

Onuka in Kyiv

Nowadays ONUKA, a Ukrainian electro folk band founded in 2013, is one of the most popular Ukrainian bands. On the start of December, the band will present their new album called “MOZAЇKA” to Kyiv audience. This album is dedicated to the topic of mystic coincidences and symbols that happen in our life. The lyrics tell personal stories of the vocalist Nata and describe her reaction to the different events of modern life.
Where: Stereo Plaza
When: December 7, 7 PM

Raphael Gualazzi in Odesa

Italian pop and jazz singer Raphael Gualazzi is one of the most promising artists in his country. With his song “Madness of Love” he won at Sanremo music festival in 2011. By the way, this festival has discovered many music stars during its history, including the eminent Toto Cutugno. This victory leaded Raphael to the next achievement: he presented Italy on Eurovision in 2011. This December, Raphael is coming to Odesa to delight Ukrainian fans with his beautiful voice.
Where: Odesa Opera House
When: December 7, 7 PM

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Logan Richardson & Blues People in Odesa

Young American saxophonist and composer Logan Richardson is a true star of the modern jazz scene. In his compositions, he unites “urban” style and the special spirit of the 1980s. All the lovers of jazz music in Odesa are welcome to hear Logan Richardson performing with Blues People band in the beginning of this month.
Where: Urban Music Hall
When: December 9, 7 PM

Hardy Orchestra. Queen Forever in Odesa

Freshly-released “Bohemian Rhapsody” movie made many people remember the great Freddie Mercury and Queen band. Those who feel inspired by the movie or just want to listen to the immortal hits are invited to Hardy Orchestra concert dedicated to the grandiose rock band. The audience will hear the best compositions of Queen such as “We are the champions”, “I want it all”, “Don`t stop me now” and many performed by the talented vocalist Viktor Romanchenko.
Where: Odesa Philharmonic Hall
When: December 10, 7 PM

LeoBand Orchestra. White Christmas in Lviv

On the threshold of winter holidays, LeoBand Orchestra traditionally welcomes to feel the real festive spirit of Christmas and New Year. The program of “White Christmas” concert includes such classic favorite hits as “Let it snow” by Frank Sinatra, “Jingle Bells”, “Blue Christmas” by Elvis Presley; “All I want for Christmas is you” by Mariah Carey, “Happy New Year” by ABBA and more.
Where: Lviv Opera
When: December 18, 8 PM

The XVIII Jazz Bez Fest in Lviv

During 10 days, the XVIII Jazz Bez festival will unite numerous cities of Poland and Ukraine – including, of course, lovely Lviv. This time, the jazz fans will hear performances of such artists as Antonio Flinta Quartet (Italy), Silhouette and Vinx (the USA-Hungary), Jonas Cambien Trio (Belgium-Norway), Leleka (Germany-Poland-Ukraine), Dima Bondarew Quartet (Germany-Ukraine), Blues People & Logan Richardson (the USA) and other.
Where: Dzyga Gallery
When: December 7, 8, 9, 14, 15, 16

Wiener Johann Strauss Konzert-Gala. K&K Philharmoniker Orchestra in Lviv

Those who enjoy classic music are welcome to attend brilliant performances of “K&K Philharmoniker” symphonic orchestra in Lviv Philharmonic hall under the direction of Austrian maestro Matthias Georg Kendlinger. The guests will hear melodic and energetic compositions that reflect the special style of Strauss composers` dynasty.
Where: Lviv Philharmonic hall
When: December 15 and 16, 7 PM
These music performances will make your December 2018 in Ukraine joyful and unforgettable. Welcome.
Photo source: All photos belong to their rightful owners.

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