Most Popular Ukrainian Songs Must Listen To

Sviatoslav Vakarchuk on stage

Ukraine is famous as a “Singing country” (“Spivocha Krayina”), and this name is fully justified. Since the old times, Ukrainian songs have impressed listeners with tunefulness, lyricism and deep emotions. Modern Ukrainian musicians continue old traditions, recording beautiful compositions that stay in our hearts for a lifetime. Let`s listen to some of the best Ukrainian songs once again.

Okean Elzy – “Na Nebi”

About the artist: “Okean Elzy” (“Ocean of Elza”) is probably the most famous Ukrainian rock band that has recorded numerous catchy hit songs during its long career. The band had been founded in 1994 in Lviv, and by 2000 it gained popularity all over Ukraine. Sviatoslav (“Slavko”) Vakarchuk, the changeless frontman of “Okean Elzy”, is not just a talented musician, but also a political person. The band recorded 9 albums. Nowadays, the heartfelt vocal of Vakarchuk is the symbol of Ukrainian rock music.
About the song: “Na Nebi” (“In the Sky”) is a famous song of “Okean Elzy” that tells a touching love story of a man who feels like he is in the sky when he is with his beloved one. This is one of the best Ukrainian songs about love – this can be confirmed by thousands of fans singing along every single line of “Na Nebi” lyrics together with Slavko during live shows.
The ear and the album: 2013, “Zemlia”

Vopli Vidoplyasova – “Vesna”

About the artist: “Vopli Vidoplyasova”, or simply “VV”, are the true veterans of Ukrainian rock scene. The band, headed by charismatic vocalist Oleg Skrypka, was founded in 1987 in Kyiv. “VV” was the first band that started to perform rock songs in Ukrainian. They are the founders of Ukrainian rock`n`roll and ethno rock. The name of the band came from the works of Dostoevsky – Vidoplyasov is one of the characters of the writer`s “The Village of Stepanchikovo” novel and is literally translated as “Screams of Vidoplyasov”.
About the song: “Vesna” (“Spring”) can be definitely called one of the best and the most popular Ukrainian rock songs. This energizing composition tells that the spring will come soon and will bring happiness to everyone.
The year and the album: 1997, “Muzika”

Skryabin – “Ludy Yak Korabli”

About the artist: “Skryabin” band, founded in 1989 in Lviv oblast’ by the frontman Andriy Kuzmenko (“Kuz`ma”), is a unique project that has combined many musical styles during its long history – from electronic alternative and darkwave to post punk and pop rock. Kuz`ma won the hearts of thousands Ukrainians with his charisma, pro-active approach to life and, of course, beautiful songs. The lyrics of “Skryabin” touched many topics from philosophy and human relations to politics and social life. Unfotunately, the leader of the band Andriy Kuzmenko died in a car accident in the beginning of 2015. However, he is forever alive in the hearts of Ukrainians who still listen to his music.
About the song: “Ludy Yak Korabli” (“People Are Like Ships”) is a philosophic composition that compares our life to ocean and people to ships sailing on it. It makes listeners think about deep meaning of our existence.
The year and the album: 2005, “Tango”

Kazka – “Plakala”

About the artist: “Kazka” is a very young band: it was founded in 2017, but had already gained popularity all over the country. The band creates compositions in the styles of electro folk, indie and pop. It was the first band with Ukrainian lyrics that got to international SHAZAM chart. Kazka is also well-known for being at the top of Youtube views rate comparing to other Ukrainian artists.
About the song: “Plakala” (“She Cried”) is one of the most popular hits of Kazka. The song tells the story of two girls that have been left by their beloved ones. After crying many tears and feeling disappointment, the girls decide to start a new life.
The year and the album: 2018, “KARMA”

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Onuka – “Time”

About the artist: Onuka, founded in 2013, is nowadays one of the most popular Ukrainian bands. The band`s music style is called Ukrainian electro folk. Natalia Zhizhchenko is the vocalist, songwriter and composer of Onuka; she also plays unusual musical instrument such as pipe and ocarina. Onuka is the band that Ukraine can be definitely proud of. Onuka`s stylish songs and videos are at the top of modern Ukrainian music scene achievements, bringing it to the highest world`s standards.
About the song: “Time” song is about dynamic flow of life that is in constant process of changing. Though sometimes we might want to freeze time, it is impossible. However, the moments of both happiness and grief are always alive in our memory.
The year and the album: 2014, “ONUKA”

Ruslana – “Wild Dances”

About the artist: Ruslana (full name Ruslana Lyzhychko) is a well-known Ukrainian singer, dancer, producer and politician. Besides, the talented artist plays piano, guitar, drums and trembita. Her pop and folk songs are known not only in her homeland Ukraine, but also abroad. In 2004, Ruslana won the famous “Eurovision” contest with her energizing composition called “Wild Dances” (“Dyki Tanci”) in Ukrainian. Ruslana has recorded eight studio albums along with many singles and videos.
About the song: “Wild Dances” composition is a hymn of wild energy and desire for freedom. This rhythmic song is the best motivation to get up from chair and move your body for a while.
The year and the album: 2003, “Wild Dances”

Jamala – “1944”

About the artist: Jamala (real name Susana Jamaladinova) is a Ukrainian singer and actress of Crimean Tatar and Armenian origin. She is well-known for her beautiful soprano voice and sensual songs in jazz, pop, electro, folk and soul styles. Jamala is the second artist that has brought Ukraine a victory in "Eurovision" song contest. In 2016, Jamala won the contest with her “1944” song.
About the song: “1944” tells the tragic story about the deportation of Crimean Tatars from their homeland Crimea by the Soviet government. These dramatic events took place in 1944, which explains the name of the song.
The year and the album: 2016, “1944”
The most popular Ukrainian songs in your playlist guarantee aesthetic pleasure and great mood!
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