Top 7 February 2019 Concerts in Ukraine

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In the end of winter many of us begin to feel lack of energy, and we search for the ways to charge our inner “batteries”. In this case, going to a good concert is a perfect solution. This February Ukrainian concert schedule has something for everyone – rap, rock, electronic music, opera… Let`s check out the most important concerts of the last winter month.

Poets of the Fall in Kyiv

Poets of the Fall is a famous Finnish rock band founded in Helsinki in 2003. The band gained wide popularity in 20014 when they recorded their “Late Goodbye” song used for Max Payne computer game. The band records compositions in such styles as alternative rock, sympho rock and indie rock; they have released 7 studio albums. Poets of the Fall have won many significant awards in their home country, and their video “Carnival of Rust” is considered as the best Finnish video clip ever made. In February 2019, the Finnish rock band comes to Kyiv to present their new album called “Ultraviolet”.
Where: Atlas club, Kyiv
When: February 19, 8 PM
Ticket price from UAH 1500

Dark Tranquility in Kyiv

This February brings a true gift for all the lovers of dark scene – Dark Tranquillity, the pioneers of Swedish melodic death metal, are coming to Kyiv. This Swedish band, founded in 1989 in Gothenburg, is considered as one of the “fathers” of their music style (along with the famous At the Gates and In Flames). The band has released 11 studio albums and still has a large influence on the world`s metal scene.
Where: Atlas club, Kyiv
When: February 21, 7 PM
Ticket price from UAH 900

Placido Domingo in Kyiv

One of the most famous opera singers of the modern world – Placido Domingo – is coming to the Ukrainian capital for the first time. Placido is considered as one of the most talented opera singers in the history. He is a conductor and administrator of Los Angeles Opera; his repertoire includes 148 lead operatic arias – more than any other modern opera tenor could boast. In the middle of February 2019, the opera superstar Placido Domingo will sing accompanied by the National Academic Symphonic Orchestra of Ukraine for Kyiv audience.
Where: “Ukraine” Palace
When: February 13, 7 PM
Ticket price from UAH 1600

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Ghostface Killah in Kyiv

Those who appreciate hip hop and rap music cannot miss the performance of Ghostface Killah – one of the 9 members of legendary underground American band Wu-Tang Clan. This is the first time when a member of Wu-Tang Clan is coming to Ukraine! Ghostface Killah has recorded 13 solo albums and took part in 5 joint projects (Wu-Massacre, Sour Soul and other). He had cooperated with such famous artists as Kanye West, Childish Gambino, Beyonce, Amy Winehouse. MTV calls Ghostface Killah one of the most talented MCs in the history.
Where: Atlas club, Kyiv
When: February 10, 8 PM
Ticket price from UAH 990

Tom Odell in Kyiv and Lviv

Tom Odell is a young British singer, musician and composer. The artist was raised on the albums of Elton John, David Bowie, Bob Dylan and other classics. Tom`s debut album “Long Way Down” was released in 2013. Since then, Tom Odell has recorded 3 more albums and has performed on such legendary festivals as Glastonbury and Sziget. The artist creates music in the genres of indie pop and indie rock. He has won BRIT Awards as the best new artist. In the beginning of February 2019, the musician is coming to Kyiv to present his last album “Jubilee Road”.
Where: Stereo Plaza, Kyiv
When: February 5, 8 PM
Ticket price from UAH 950
Where: Malevich concert arena, Lviv
When: February 6, 7 PM
Ticket price from UAH 750

Jay Jay Johanson in Kyiv and Lviv

Jay-Jay Johanson is a well-known Swedish singer and composer. He had been working as a DJ in clubs since 1992, and in recorded his first album called “Whiskey” in 1996. The record was a mix of trip hop, jazz and emotional vocals. Since then, Jay-Jay has recorded 13 more albums (one of them in collaboration with the guitarist of eminent Cocteau Twins), combining previously mentioned music genres with downbeat and electroclash. During his career, Jay-Jay Johanson has developed his own unique music style, characterized by smoothness and melancholy.
Where: Caribbean club, Kyiv
When: February 2, 7 PM
Ticket price from UAH 640
Where: Malevich concert arena, Lviv
When: February 1, 9 PM
Ticket price from UAH 390

Skryabin.Simfo in Odesa

Andriy Kuzmenko (“Kuz`ma”), the former frontman of the legendary Ukrainian band Skryabin, passed away in a tragic car accident 4 years ago. However, he still lives in the heart of his fans, who listen to his compositions that unite many styles as darkwave and pop with lyrics about everything from human relations to politics. Skryabin.Simfo program presents little-known and famous songs of Skryabin band in symphonic version. The songs, processed by musical producer Vasily Tkach, will be performed by Symphonic and Pops Orchestra under the guidance of Ukrainian conductor Mykola Lysenko.
Where: Odesa Philharmonic Hall
When: February 18, 7 PM
Ticket price from UAH 100
We hope you will enjoy these great music performances in Ukraine. Welcome!
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