Kyiv Witnesses the First Young Lawyers Charity Ball in Ukraine

Charity Ball in Ukraine

Ukraine has decided to establish a tradition of professional charity balls. As everyone knows, Vienna is the world's ball capital, and there they organize about 450 balls each year. There are balls for doctors, teachers, coffee-house keepers and even chimney sweeps.

One of the most popular balls is the Ball of Lawyers, which has been held almost annually for more than 200 years with brief intervals. This event has been highly estimated, which can be proved by the fact that Johann Strauss himself wrote a special waltz for the Ball of Lawyers in the 19th century.

The Brandberg Group is a professional host of Viennese Balls and had already organized eight ball events. The company, which was highly appraised by the Viennese Ball Committee, decided to start with the Ball for Lawyers. As the General Director of the company Maryna Ignatusha says, “Today, the society demands new forms of cultural recreation and communication, and a ball is not just an office party but a platform for professional legal networking.”

It was the first time when the prominent waltz for lawyers written by Strauss was performed in Kyiv by “Kiev-Classic” Symphony Orchestra under the direction of Maestro Herman Makarenko, the Honoured Artist of Ukraine, who was given the honorary title of “Artist for Peace” by UNESCO. The concert program also featured the Ukrainian celebrity Natalia Valevskaya, a special guest – singer Vlad Sytnik, the Dance Theater of Vitali Zahoruiko and other performers.

Music and dancing was not the only entertainment of the event. The guests had a possibility to enjoy the intellectual “Brain-Ring” game. Its participants and winners received prizes from “Freedom Finance Ukraine” Investments Company.

The inevitable element of a genuine Veinnese Ball is the Debutantes' entry. In fact, this is the first act to start the ball. The gentlemen shall wear white ties and tails, and the ladies shall be in strictly white floor-length gowns. They perform a traditional set of dances, including Veleta Waltz, Viennese Waltz, Polka, Polonaise, etc. At the end of the ball, the best couple is awarded with crowns and the titles of the King and the Queen of the Ball. This time, the winners were the lawyer Kristina Yermakova and her partner Kir Kaplunovski. Besides the crowns, they have also presented with the certificates for treatment sessions at Medical Club Grace and the certificate from the Beauty Studio of Vita Horokh.

Charity is an inherent part of any Viennese Ball. The Ball of Lawyers with the all-prize lottery was not an exception. The participants have got prized that costed a lot more that the price of one lottery ticket. The prize lots included a sophisticated fur garment from Punto by Juliya House; the “Tree of Life Angel” jewelry from Art Vivache Jewelry House; a certificate for the atmospheric holiday in Carpathian Mountains from Grofa hotel and resorts, a flavorous lot from Nestle Professional, a weekend from Edem Resort Medical & Spa Hotel and Restaurant Complex. The benefactors have also provided a certificate for 4 individual lessons from GOLDANCE School, a certificate for beauty and wellness treatments sessions from Medical Club Grace, a certificate from the Aesthetic Stomatology Clinic of Miroslava Dragomiretska; the T-shirt of the legendary football player Andriy Yarmolenko from Favorit-Sport; a pair of designer shoes by MARSALA; and an exclusive Lady in Red gown by Iryna Marchuk.

The whole amount collected in the lottery, as well as in the charity marathon that has started long before the ball, will be directed to getting access to one of the international legal databases - Heinonline or Westlaw – for the law students.


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