Radio Skovoroda Fest in Lviv

Radio Skovoroda Fest in Lviv

Photo: Skovoroda Radio Facebook PageRadio Skovoroda, the first indie radio station in Lviv, offers to spend the last Saturday night of summer with some good Ukrainian music and delicious drinks and snacks – the key ingredients of ultimate summer fun.

The wave of indie radio stations has hit Ukraine recently. While there is a wide variety of commercial stations that try to deliver to all tastes and interests, indie radio stations seem to take the stage when it comes to more sophisticated and frontier in a sense of musical tastes audiences.

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Photo: Skovoroda Radio Facebook Page
The first indie radio in Lviv - Radio Skovoroda - was created a year ago and became a real hit almost instantly. It’s weird how a venture based on crowdfunding can compete with radio biz sharks, which are functioning for big media money. It seems that even a group of young aspiring Lviv guys who started the radio couldn’t answer that question straight away. Perhaps, it was a rather smart idea and endless energy of the creative group behind Radio Skovoroda: Andriy Chemes, Volodymyr Beglov, Marianna Romanyak and Artem Gaytsky, who all have a prior media experience, hence a good sense of current radio tendencies.
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Photo: Skovoroda Radio Facebook Page
One say that it is all about timing and Radio Skovoroda team would probably agree with that, as their timing of launching the first indie radio station in Lviv was almost perfect. There are over two dozens of commercial radios in Lviv and the region. However, any foreigner could have noticed the lack of talk radio stations that are very popular abroad. Local commercial radio stations are functioning in a mix-and-match format, trying to cater to various audiences at once. Radio Skovoroda charted their own very specific theme, which turned out to be the key to their success.

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Photo: Skovoroda Radio Facebook Page
Radio Skovoroda plays progressive Ukrainian and foreign music for young listeners who have a soft spot for some hipster tunes. Besides music, this indie radio station offers numerous talk shows with «hot right now» musicians, authors, travelers, entrepreneurs and artists. This combination of good quality music and talk-radio format became a key to success for Radio Skovoroda, the first indie radio in Lviv.

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Photo: Skovoroda Radio Facebook Page
On August 27th, Radio Skovoroda team is hosting a Skovoroda Fest at Ganok party venue. This event is dedicated to launching of their new web page, which promises to be even more user-friendly, as well as the start of a new season of their signature talk shows.
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Photo: Ganok Facebook Page
As the event is hosted by gurus of party-throwing and fun-having - #Ganok creative group - all the visitors will be generously entertained by live bands and DJ-sets. Radio Skovoroda Fest will take pace at 31, Zavodska street in Lviv. For more information check their Facebook event page.

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