The Most Detailed Guide to BELIVE Fest in Kyiv

The Most Detailed Guide to BELIVE Fest in Kyiv

It seems that there is no single person left in Kyiv who has not heard about the upcoming multicultural festival BELIVE, and it`s no wonder: the program of the event is so diverse that it attracts the maximal number of visitors. The fest will have 10 separate zones, including 3 stages. So what to do and to listen and how to avoid getting lost at such a big event? Let`s consider each of BELIVE festival zones in detail.

1. Music: Main Stage
The previously announced headliners such as Jamiroquai, Everything Everything, HURTS, Vremya I Steklo, MOZGI, CONSTANTINE, Lyapis-98, FUNKERMAN, THE ERISED will share the stage with HONNE and Parov Stelar. The latter band is legendary and especially notable for inventing electro swing music style. Without these guys and girl, we would never know about such genre of dance music.
2. Music: My Music Stage
My Music Stage will be opened during all days of the festival, delighting listeners with performances of more than 20 Ukrainian artists. The list includes popular bands along with beginners. Each day on this stage will be dedicated to a particular music genre: hip hop, indie, electro and pop. Here you will see Alina Pash, LAYAH, Agon`, LATEXFAUNA, INAIA, KAZKA, LAUD, INDT and other.
3. Music: Night Stage
Do not forget about the night stage with Jan Blomqvist and Elekfantz. Though these artists visited Kyiv in the past, a lot had changed since then. Firstly, Jan visited Burning Man and WEEKEND – the video from that show has 9 000 000 hits. Secondly, he is preparing a new program that Ukrainian listeners have never heard before.
4. Stand up Stage
This stage is curated by Andriy Shabanov, the showman and general producer of “Prosto Radio” radio station. The stand-up marathon will start daily at 3 PM and finishes at 9 PM. Many comics will appear on this stage, including Natalia Garipova, Dmytro Romanov and Stand-Up Union. Those who are interested will have a chance to express their talents at the “open microphone” every day.
5. FILM.UA Zone
erik witsoe 647316 unsplash
In this zone, visitors will find a screen and comfortable chairs for watching the best movies from the largest producer of video content in Eastern Europe – FILM.UA Group. The program offers many videos for children: Animagrad animation studio will present “The Stolen Princess” and “Mavka: Forest Song”. Kids will also enjoy workshops and short movies from Ukrainian Film Sсhool. Everyone interested will have an opportunity to take part in casting, and the winner will get a role in one of FILM.UA series. The audience will see the programs of signature animation festival Linoleum and Fashion Film Festival Kyiv. On one of the festival`s days, guys from Insiders Prоject will present and show 2 movies about extreme city investigations. And there is more to come.
6. Blogging Zone
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In blogging zone, visitors will meet and talk to such well-known bloggers as Chotky Patsa, Lady Diana, Masha Timoshenko, Diana Gloster, Jerry Heil, Red Lamp and Stas Davydov from This is Horosho. Besides, this location will host meeting with actors from popular series “School” and lottery. 3 winners of the lottery will record a video with their idols. To make the video as much beautiful as possible, it will be recorded by the festival team.
7. Kids Zone
BELIVE will have children zone made by KidsWill. The zone welcomes kids aged 4-12 years from 11 AM till 8 PM during all 4 festival days. The zone will offer entertainment program and kindergarten with experienced nannies and animators. The kids will have fun in jobs` city, take part in workshops on sand animation, clay modeling, drawing and magic of soap bubbles. Special bonus is silent zone with wigwams, where kids will be able to have a quiet rest, and breastfeeding mothers will find a place to feed their kids. The swaddling room will be located right nearby.
8. Ulichnaya Eda (Street Food)
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After having so much fun, it is surely the time to have a bite. BELIVE festival will offer food courts from the best residents of Ulichnaya Eda. Here you will have a chance to try food that you have never tasted before and to find the most extravagant dish of the festival. The food courts will have everything from hot dogs with unusual tastes and Asian cuisine and to the most sophisticated seafood, delicacies and sweets. 
9. City Sport Zone
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The sport zone will consist of 9 balance boards, 3 slacklines, urban ninja ring, rollerdrome with children hockey and trampoline for exhibition performances. All platforms will work in the workshop mode, so everyone interested will be able to join. 
10. Art Zone
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On the festival territory, guests will see numerous installations, photo and art areas for impressive pictures. The main purpose of them is to create the atmosphere of an oasis in the middle of the metropolis concrete jungle. 
BELIVE festival will take place at Olympiysky stadium in Kyiv on June 21-24, 2018. Tickets are available here:
Photo source: BELIVE festival archive, websites of artists mentioned above, All photos belong to their rightful owners.


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