Top-13 concerts of December 2015

Top-13 concerts of December 2015

December can create a Christmas mood thanks to many concerts during this winter month.

December can create a Christmas mood thanks to many concerts during this winter month.

Michael JACKSON Super Cover SHOW
The show is created on the basis of the best Pop King’s hits.

It is accompanied by «Lords of the Sound», the most famous symphony orchestra of the country.
There will be more than 50 participants on stage, only live vocals, stunning choreography, light and sound show, an impressive installation.
This is a show, which has no analogues.
When:The 4th of December, 2015, 19.00
Where: October Palace
Price: 120-750 UAH

Bring Me The Horizon

The best British band of 2015 was founded in 2003. It is still experimenting with sound, the musicians tried deathcore, metalcore and post-hardcore. The band's name was taken from the movie "Pirates of the Caribbean".
This band was honored the title of the best musicians by Kerrang Awards, and critics predicts them an incredible fame at international festivals’ headliners! On December 2014 “Bring Me The Horizon” played a grand concert in the stadium of Wembley, thus the musicians entered the history of British rock.
When: December the 4th, 2015, 19.00
Where: Sports Palace
Price: 390-890 UAH


The concert program called "The Way Home" will be primarily based on the material of the new album, which is scheduled for release in mid-autumn, but also there will be presented most popular and beloved compositions of albums "Thank you" and “All or Nothing For Every Heart”.
In the end of the last year in Kiev Jamal played her biggest concert club, which invited more than 1500 settlers from Crimea and the Donetsk and Lugansk regions. Most of the spring and summer months the singer was working on her fourth album "Breath." Unlike previous releases, most of the songs in the album will be in Ukrainian language.
When: The 5th of December, 19.00
Where: October Palace
Price: 250-650 UAH

French music “Starting with Piaf and going to Mathieu”

We all know that the France has special songs like light breathe of wind, which goes through the heart, touching the most delicate strings of the soul. French music is unique. In France a special vocal genre "chanson" appeared. It means "song."
These lyrical songs of Edith Piaf, Charles Aznavour, Joe Dassin, Mireille Mathieu and many others are popular all over the world.
The program “Starting with Piaf and going to Mathieu” carefully gathered together the best and most touching songs, which remind us about beautiful love. National Academic Brass Band of Ukraine conducted by Alexei Bazhenov and other 60 musicians will present this concert.
Soloists of the evening - Elena Grebenyuk, Tatiana Boguslavskaia and Vitaly Kostenko.
When: December the 6th, 2015, 19.00
Where: International Center of Culture and Arts (October Palace).
Price: 80-800 UAH

Beissoul & Einius

Lithuanian duo "Beissoul & Einius" has an amazing charisma, hypnotic electronics, surreal choreography. This combination made the appearance of this band in our country as a phenomenon. The experiments with sounds, dancing, fashion and mysticism of this duo eccentric soul singers and computer chemistry is so seductive and unpredictable that the ground was slipping out of their feet on the scene. The guys say it happens because it sounds like "music of the future."
When: December the 11th, 20.00
Where: Atlas Art club
Price: 190-500 UAH

Dan Balan

He is nominated for the prestigious Grammy Award and also one of the most beloved artists in our country. Dan Balan will have a concert in Kiev in this December.
World fame and resounding success came to the artist in 2004.Thanks to his talent and perseverance, the famous single band called «Dragostea DinTei» (better known as the «Numa Numa Song») blew up the world.
Melody composition «Dragostea Din Tei» became the basis for the song «Live Your Life», which was performed by international stars Rihanna and T.I., and became a real hit holding on the 1st place of the Billboard “Hot 100 chart” for 6 weeks.
Concert of Dan Balan in Kiev will give you an opportunity to see a live performance of the artist. At the concert you can hear his famous super-hits and new songs.
When: 12th of December 2015
Where: «Stereo Plaza» club
Price: 250-500 UAH

TeulisTheater of Shadows

It is a world famous shadow theater, which became famous in many countries. Production Theatre TEULIS is an original combination of high-class acrobatics, theater, optical illusions, great sound and stunning video projections.
Theater of Shadows Teulis proves that all fantasies can be realized with the help of the human body shadows. The viewer will plunge into the fascinating shows and breathtaking choreography, which can easily captivate the heart.
When: 13th of December, 16:00
Where: Conservatory of music
Price: 190-450 UAH

Everything Everything

An eccentric British band “Everything Everything” will come to Kyiv this December.
The musical quartet from Manchester released already three albums: the debut "Man Alive" was on the top 20 bestselling albums of Great Britain in 2010. It was nominated for the Mercury Prize. Composition "Kemosabe" from the second studio recording "Arc” was the best single of the year. But the third album "Get To Heaven" helped the band “Everything Everything” to found “Glastonbury” - the largest festival in the world.
When: 13th of December, 2015, 20:00
Where: Sentrum club
Price: 300 UAH


In late July, Boris Grebenshchikov - the leader of the band “Aquarium” - played two sold-out concerts in Kyiv in Caribbean Club, but the interest of the Ukrainian audience to the BG’s group is so high that it was decided to present a great concert in the winter 2015 in Stereo Plaza.
Boris Grebenshchikov is a legendary musician and an iconic personality, founder of the cult band Aquarium and rock movement in the post-Soviet space. Its role in the music is exceptional, so the list of his achievements and accomplishments is endless!
BG’s new solo album "Salt" was praised by critics. In particular the Russian musical journalist Artemy Troitsky called the album "the best of the Grebenshchikov works wrote and recorded for more than 40 years."
When: December the 15th
Where: Stereo Plaza
Price: 400-2500 UAH


The official date of the band’s birthday is the 1st of September, when the band presented the title single from the album "Native Land" and the video for the song, as well as announced the release the album and the supporting tour. During the year the word «Brutto» and "cool" have become synonymous.
Brutto means an irrepressible energy, new songs and stunning slogans.
When: 19th of December, 19.00
Where: Palace of sports
Price: 199 UAH

Philharmonic orchestra «Resonance» and its “White tour”
The program of the concert:
System of a Down, Grazhdanskaya Oborona, The Prodigy, 30 Seconds to Mars, Rammstein, Metallica, Muse, AC/DC,The Who, Auktsion, Blur, Nike Borzov, Led Zeppelin, Limp Bizkit, Placebo and others. 

This program is a combination of danger, recklessness and euphoria. Live sound makes this concert impressive and unforgettable.
When: 19th of December, 19:00
Where: October Palace
Price:120-750 UAH

Vienna Philharmonic Strauss Orchestra

The repertoire of the team consists of masterpieces by Haydn, Brahms, Mozart, representatives of the Strauss dynasty and other classics.
High level musicians from Vienna as well as their colleagues from all over Europe are the members of the orchestra.
Vienna Philharmonic Strauss Orchestra successfully toured Europe (Germany, Romania, Poland, Austria, Hungary, Bulgaria). Activities of the team aimed at preservation and development of musical culture of Vienna and its promotion on the European and international level.
Chief director and one of the founders of the orchestra Andras Deak is authoritative maestro with a long successful career.
In 2004 maestro Andras Deak was awarded the prestigious Hungarian Order of Merit for the contribution to the development of musical culture.
When: 20th of December, 19:00
Where: October Palace
Price: 100-1300 UAH

In 5 hours before New Year

Firework of beautiful compositions by Strauss, Tchaikovsky, Leontovych, New Year and Christmas melodies will sound in the last evening of the year.
Virtuoso musicians of the National Orchestra of Folk Instruments under the management of chief director Victor Hutsalo will play on the stage of October Palace.
Brilliant European tradition of New Year's concerts was established by director Clemens Krauss on Dec. 31, 1939. Since then, the Christmas concerts became a symbol of the power of classical music and European life. Vienna New Year Concert has been causing a huge impact around the world: it is broadcasted by 70 TV channels and 300 radio stations around the world.
Now everybody in Kiev has an opportunity to become a part of this New Year European musical tradition.
When: 31st of December, 19:00
Where: October Palace
Price: 200-490 UAH
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