Top 5 September 2016 Concerts in Lviv

Top 5 September 2016 Concerts in Lviv

Photo: shutterstock.comSeptember is one of the best months to attend various concerts in Lviv: the concert calendar ramps up after the summer music festivals, but the days are still long and the evenings light. Here are the best concerts to catch this month.

ANTYTILA («Антитіла»)
ANTYTILA’ is a popular Ukrainian pop-rock band! Their repertoire includes the songs in Ukrainian, Russian and English. The combination of heart-warming lyrics and catchy melodies made them one of the most popular pop-rock bands in Ukraine.
When: September, 09, 2016
Where: 18, Melnyka street, Lviv. Sport Palace «Ukraine» (a.k.a. «Spartak»)

Naoni Orchestra
The National Academic Orchestra of Folk Instruments of Ukraine "NAONI" presents a concert program consisting of the world famous rock hits. Despite such a long, academic and conservative band name, you will discover a lot of young professional musicians schooled and educated in Europe, as well as classical and folk artists, all gathered together to create a unique musical experience for the guests of the Naoni Orchestra concert.
Over 40 Ukrainian folk instruments come to life during the concert, each playing a role in a spectacular folk musical masterpiece.
When: September, 10, 2016
Where: 7, Chaykovskyy street, Lviv. Lviv National Philharmonic Concert Hall.
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Jazz Kolo Guitar
This is a guitar mini-festival in Lviv. This event will take place at «Lvivska Kopalnya Kavy» («Lviv Coffee Mine») - a well known indie pop-rock music venue. Jazz Kolo Guitar Festival will consist of separate parts dedicated to various musical instruments and vocal singing: Jazz Guitar Kolo, Jazz Drums Kolo, Jazz Bass Kolo, Jazz Piano Kolo, Jazz Brass Kolo, Jazz Voices Kolo. This event is going to be a all about good quality music and relaxed atmosphere of warm September evening.
When: September, 18, 2016
Where: 10, Rynok Aquare, Lviv. «Lvivska Kopalnya Kavy» («Lviv Coffee Mine») 

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Sergey Babkin
Following the break-up of 5’NIZZa, one of the hippest and funkiest bands in Ukraine, its member Sergey Babkin launched his solo career. When he hit the stage alone for the first time back in 2004 the guitarist/vocalist had a lot to worry about; would his Kharkiv-based, former group’s rabid fan base be interested in something new? As it turned out, they loved his new music – a mix of reggae, hiphop, and Latin elements. His new album, in contrast, is an altogether brighter affair than the slightly doomy, psychedelic previous offering. Sergey’s unrestrained charisma, drive, and furious energy, in addition to his open views and unpredictable emotions, are the reason of why his supporters continue to be drawn to his shows.
When: September, 22, 2016
Where: 36, Gorodotska street, Lviv. Lesya Ukrainka Lviv Drama Theater.

Ukrainian Song Project
National TV project «UKRAINIAN SONG» is dedicated to contemporary Ukrainian music singers/songwriters and is considered to be one of the most spectacular current musical event in Ukraine. Big stage, a variety of styles and original artists who share one common goal - the popularization of contemporary Ukrainian music. The Ukrainian Song Project in Lviv will gather over 20 talented singers and musicians from all over Ukraine: The Vieux, Rock - H, Antibodies, Joryj Kloc, Luiku, Arkady Voytyuk, Bria Blessing and many more.
When: September, 10, 2016
Where: 18, Melnyka street, Lviv. Sport Palace «Ukraine» (a.k.a. «Spartak»)

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Photo: Ukrainian Song Project Facebook Page
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Contrary to what most people may think, the majority of September is still technically considered summer—meaning there are still plenty of days to take advantage of the warm weather and summer concerts in Lviv! «Destinations» narrowed down the best Lviv concerts in September 2016.

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