Top 9 March Concerts in Kiev

Top 9 March Concerts in Kiev

The first month of spring brings us not only new aspirations and high hopes, but also famous international and Ukrainian musicians. Check out Top 9 March concerts in Kiev that are going to create ambient and chill mood of the beginning of the spring.

Lviv Jazz Orchestra

Photo: Lviv Jazz Orchestra Official Facebook page
The second part of a successful Jazz for Lovers concert program from Lviv Jazz Orchesta is a completely new and unique project in the field of pop and jazz music.
When: March 1, 2016, 7pm
Where: Central Officers' House of the Armed Forces of Ukraine
Price: UAH 150-650


Photo: IAMX Official Facebook page
IAMX is a mix of different musical styles: industrial, indie, electronics, piano rock and even French chanson. The live performances of the band are characterized with magic, mercilessly covering everyone in the hall. The reason for this lays not only in music itself, but also in the visual part of the show. The moto of IAMX is to give the world a sense of significance, strength and beauty by complementing music with something immersive and unpredictable for the audience.
When: March 2, 2016, 8pm
Where: SENTRUM club
Price: 600-1500 UAH


Photo: Hurts Official Facebook page
These British guys have gained the worldwide fame thanks to impeccable appearance, sweet sounding and melodious songs. This concert in Kiev it is an opportunity to hear once more the favorite electro pop songs live. Simple but incredibly charming songs of the Hurts will never go out of fashion and will make your heart beat faster.
When: March 3, 2016, 8pm
Where: Stereo Plaza
Price: UAH 800-3500

Bruno Bavota

Photo: Bruno Bavota Official Facebook page
The Italian composer and pianist Bruno Bavota is giving his first concert in Kiev this March! His music is characterized with immediacy, poetic simplicity and is clear to everyone. According to his own words, Bruno Bavota is simply trying to bring beauty into the world and soothe the souls of the listeners, taking them away from reality to the world of music, seas and meadows.
When: March 6, 2016, 8pm
Where: Cinema House
Price: 250-700 UAH

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Keiko Matsui

Photo: Keiko Matsui Official Facebook page
Popular jazz musician has prepared a new concert program showcasing the beauty of her unique talent. Every piece of the Japanese pianist combines the most conflicting emotions: tenderness, passion, love, sadness and something inexplicable but so eternal. Keiko Matsui’s new age music style mixed with good old jazz makes you laugh through tears and believe in goodness.
When: March 13, 2016, 8pm
Where: International Center of Culture and Arts
Price: UAH 650


Photo: Pianoboy Official Facebook page
For the Ukrainian tour, famous composer, pianist and singer Dmytro Shurov with his band is going to present songs from the new ‘Take Off’ album along with old and so much loved compositions. The new Pianoboy concerts will be accompanied by a new video art.
When: March 13, 2016, 7pm
Where: ATLAS club
Price: UAH 270-900


Photo: Jamala Official Facebook page
Jamala’s solo concert program will be based, primarily, on the compositions from the last “Podykh’ album (2015). To please her devoted fans, famous and so much loved Ukrainian soul singer of Crimean origin is going to include popular songs from the ‘Dyakuyu’ EP as well as ‘All or Nothing’ and ‘For Every Heart’ albums. Strength of voice, beauty of sound and tenderness of emotions are all about Jamala.
When: March 18, 2016, 7pm
Where: ATLAS club
Price: UAH 190-800


Photo: Tricky Official Facebook page
Tricky come to Kiev to present his new ‘Skilled Mechanics’ album to Ukrainian fans and those who just appreciate experimental music. Standing at the origins of Trip-Hop, Tricky acquired the status of an idol: almost every professional musician is dreaming to collaborate with him in a way. This unique concert in Kiev is a unique chance to hear, feel and experience his exceptional talent live.
When: March 23, 2016, 8pm
Where: ATLAS club
Price: UAH 400-1200


Photo: Cepasa Official Facebook page
This is the first big solo concert of Ukrainian musician in Kiev. Cepasa has already released two successful full-length studio albums and gained popularity with performing at many big parties and festivals. This evening the musician will present a special 1.5-hour program, consisting of the tracks from the previous albums along with the freshest tracks from the new ‘Noises’ album. With special technical equipment, this concert is going to be a unique opportunity to hear the first live 3D sound performance in Ukraine.
When: March 31, 2016, 8pm
Where: ATLAS club
Price: UAH 200-500

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