Underground Clubs and Music Bars in Kyiv

Underground Clubs and Music Bars in Kyiv

Word “clubbing” may have different meaning depending on the type of club you choose to go. For some of us, this term means luxury, strict dress code and expensive cocktails, while other imagine dancing the whole night on a crazy rave in a noisy crowd. This time, our article is for the latter: we are going to tell about the most atmospheric underground clubs and bars of Ukrainian capital.


The history of Closer club started in 2013. In the early years, the club was ill-famed for having problems with police authorities, but such kind of “black PR” made it very popular at the same time. Nowadays, Closer is the most well-known underground nightclub of Kyiv, always surprising visitors with diversity and uniqueness of events. At the daytime, Closer is a co-working space and an antique furniture store, but in the evening it turns into a noisy party area with DJs and merry crowd. Visitors have fun on a dance floor or chill on soft sofas (some of them even sleep here). In summer, clubbers also hang out at open-air terrace. Closer is also an art center, offering regular lectures about music, cinema and literature along with expositions of modern Ukrainian art and theatre performances. In general, Closer can be called an important cultural and art platform, a must-visit place for those who are interested in Kyiv nightlife.
Address: 31, Nyzhnyoyurkivska street
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Mezzanine, located right near the famous Closer club in Podil district of Kyiv, is both an art platform and a party space. Such format allows organizing different events, attracting wide audience interested in modern music and art. Mezzanine is a place where guests enjoy chamber concerts, atmospheric parties of well-known Ukrainian and foreign musicians, discussions, workshops, presentations, cinema evenings, performances, lectures on art, design and travelling, barbecue parties on the balcony and many other. Currently Mezzanine holds from 3 up to 5 events per week. The club is equipped with modern 8-channel sound system for the best music shows.
Address: 31, Nyzhnyoyurkivska street
Pod Asfaltom Plyazh
Pod Asfaltom Plyazh, with its name literally translated as “Beach under the Asphalt”, is a small cozy music bar in the very heart of Ukrainian capital near the Golden Gate. This place completely corresponds to its name: sitting in Pod Asfaltom Plyazh, you feel like you have suddenly found a sunny beach under the ground in a big city. The bar is decorated with many unusual things, collected by the bar`s owner during her travels to different countries: books, paintings, figures, musical instruments, glasses and so on. Here you can order signature and classic cocktails, fragrant tea and coffee. Music fans will enjoy performances of young bands, thematic disco parties and jamming sessions regularly held at Pod Asfaltom Plyazh in the evenings.
Address: 33a, Yaroslaviv Val street
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Tepliy Lampoviy
New art club Tepliy Lampoviy was opened by Kyiv concert agency “Kyiv Kills” in autumn 2017. The place quickly gained popularity among lovers of rock shows and raves. The club, located in the historical Podil district of Ukrainian capital not far from Kontraktova Ploscha subway station, offers 250 sq. m of space for thematic concerts, parties, celebrations, trainings and other interesting events. Here you can attend a great variety of exciting music happenings for any taste – from live performances of young rock bands to wild drum & bass sessions.
Address: 72, Glybochytska street
River Port
In summer 2016, the founders of well-known Gnezdo Bar decided to open a new dance floor right on the bank of the Dnipro River. The new club, located near river port storages and production premises, impresses guests with its industrial underground ambience. Electronic music dawns, delicious cocktails and sweet hookah made River Port popular in the shortest terms. The club activity is focused on the development of Ukrainian electronic scene. The main purposes of River Port are to make underground music more understandable for a wider audience and to popularize clubbing without much glamour and snobbery. The club gives an opportunity to hang out at a unique location and to enjoy industrial views on a riverbank, hidden away from noisy streets in the very heart of the Ukrainian capital. Parties with Ukrainian and foreign DJs regularly take place here. Well-known DJs from France, Germany, Lithuania, Spain, Italy, Czech Republic and Romania have already played their sets in River Port. Party organizers also tend to support the most promising young musicians.
Address: 67, Nyzhnii Val street
Green Theatre

Green Theatre open-air music venue is located at one of the most mysterious areas of Kyiv. The original theatre was constructed in 1949 on the place of an old fortress of the XIX century. Nowadays, one of the fortress walls is an element of the club building, so the atmosphere here is really unusual. The popular nightclub had already existed here in 2011—2014, and in May 2018 it opened its doors once again. Kyiv clubbers, delighted by the revival of their favorite party place, are ready to dance at crazy night disco parties and enjoy live concerts in Green Theatre during the whole summer, surrounded by green nature and mystic ambience of this unique open-air location.
Address: 2, Parkova road
The world mass media regularly compare Kyiv nightlife to Berlin – the famous party capital. Kyiv underground clubs and bars welcome you to make sure that Ukraine is the new European Mecca of partying!
Photo source: unsplash.com, websites of clubs mentioned above. All photos belong to their rightful owners.


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