DJ Deepositiv about Ukrainian electronic music

DJ Deepositiv about Ukrainian electronic music

Photo Bogdan Triboy Facebook PageBogdan Triboy is known as the emcee with extensive experience. He worked on TRK Ukraina TV channel for many programs and TV shows; He was a host of "AutoCity" program on CITY TV. Bogdan is the winner of the "Best TV host of Odessa" nomination; he is known as the host of "Fashionable People" program of "Voice of Odessa" channel. Moreover, he was the famous face of BIZ TV music channel. In recent years he is known as DJ Deepositiv and plays the tracks at many parties and clubs in Odessa and Kiev. I accidentally "heard" Bogdan at “Easy Place” location one pleasant summer evening. Lovely atmosphere that night was created by his music. Deepositiv name describes perfectly Bogdan’s approach to music and life in general. We’ve met with him in One Love Coffee café in Kiev to talk about modern electronic music in Ukraine, and not only about that.

How did you come to DJ profession?
I had no choice :-) I have a musical family, my mother and my aunt have graduated from music school, one grandmother played accordion, another grandma was an actress, and my father appeared in the ballet on ice. In my childhood there were audiotapes that could be re-recorded, so I could make albums. In 17 years old I started to work as emcee.
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Music gives a subtle feeling of peace and therefore it helps in the work where contact with people is important. If we talk about the DJ mixer, about 6 years ago I started to work with sound effects and began to form my own a little different taste. As a DJ 5 years I played for my friends, I did very simple things with the sound, no effects. And now I switch to my own tracks, I will create my own music. I already know what sound I like. I want my music be good not only in terms of dancing, but it should also adjust people to the correct mood. Someone told me that my music is spherical one. Yes, I love the depth.
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How do you measure the success of what you do? What are the indicators?
Of course, this is the reaction of people, their reciprocity with me. There are DJs who play to the public. It is difficult to please everyone, but there are always those who like what you do, and those - who don’t. In this case you can lose your own vision. And there are DJs who create music to please themselves and then all the public shares his/her feelings with music. Then it looks like a group trance. These professionals can operate with huge number of people and be successful musicians.
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What kind of music do you like?
If we talk about electronic music, I prefer to start with easy New Disco and New Dance. It is cocktail format, which is good for a beach. You can dance or you can lie down and relax with this type of music. Then it is time for the acceleration and the depth. We talk about Deep House, which is good for the beginning of the night. From 12 to 2 a.m. Deep Dance is great. It is the time for Tech House from 2 to 4 a.m. It’s about acceleration, which can be finished with Progressive House. It's almost trance. The music has to be a logical development and completion of the night.
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What project or idea you would like to implement in the future?
I want to create jam sessions which will feature different musicians playing ancient instruments, singing mantras, performing jazz and so on. In fact, no one forbids you to combine all of this with the electronic music and creative video as a background. It is a kind of different reality, where you can spend some hours. In my life I met a lot of interesting and creative people, musicians also. I want to be a link among all of them as well as to share their talents with public.
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What do you feel about electronic music in Ukraine now?
I’ve been watching its transformation from 2000 to nowadays. That time everyone contributed something good into the atmosphere of the club. That created a positive energy. It was super. Later I’ve noticed that people have become vampires, not giving anything they only absorbed energy. The atmosphere in clubs had changed turning in a vacuum. Everything was somehow soulless. Since then I prefer another format of clubbing - small home parties of 50-60 people. The big clubs now are not as popular anymore as 10 years ago.
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Does the modern club culture in Kiev, Odessa and Lviv differ in your opinion?
I generally have been watching over the clubs’ life for 20 years. Odessa and Kiev were different about 5 years ago, although the crowd was almost the same. Now the club culture of Kiev and Odessa is very similar. And the music is the same. Odessa in the summer is even more interesting in terms of club life than our capital. Kiev is a bit tired city in this sense. But I don’t know much about Lviv clubbing. I just know that it is developing. Kharkiv and Dnipro are doing well in terms of club culture.
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What will be popular in Ukraine in terms of music in the coming years?
In fact, electronic music will move in the same direction as in Europe and America. Progressive Youth lives in the Internet. The speed and volume of data transfer changes. The new generation is much more progressive. They like minimalistic and underground direction, going very deep into the music. They will create new directions in music. It will be a new mixture of different styles. The right mix of existing styles will be the most brilliant, because it is impossible to re-invent the wheel. Youth will create a new music mix.
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Our interview is over, the recorder is turned off. But our conversation with Bogdan continued for one extra hour. We talked about philosophical topics, which normally strangers do not discuss. But this is the highlight of this man who charges with the positive energy not only through his music, but also with a true "light" approach to life in general. You feel that you’ve met your old friend and you are really ready to talk to him on any topic. Next day I went to listen to his music again and it was fantastic.
Interviewed by Anna Vishtak

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