7 Best Innovative Ideas for Clothes Design in Ukraine

Man tuning an animated PIX backpack

In recent years, Ukrainian fashion designers have brought their contribution to the sustainable fashion movement. While some focus on using recycled materials and giving a second life to the old clothes, others introduce innovations and tech into fashion, completely changing the game.

PIX animated backpack

The First Smart Animative Backpack - here's the full title of PIX backpack on Kickstarter. This futuristic design was mentioned on The Verge, Business Insider, Gizmodo and other leading tech resources. PIX's first day on the platform managed to get the authors of the project 45% of the goal, and in the end, they gathered USD 104,000 in total opposed to the initial goal of USD 35,000.

The backpack is simple in use: you can choose images, games widgets or animations from the existing library or upload your own media to be displayed on the backpack for everyone to see. PIX has a special coating and water-resistant zippers, which keeps electronics and personal belongings inside the bag safe during the rain. The backpack is made from the Cordura nylon fabric, which is safe for children and comes in different colors.

Omnia Chéri convertible dress

Transformer clothes are becoming more popular with niche brands that cater to independent customers that like to keep their wardrobe minimalistic. The convertible dress Omnia Chéri by Omnia team is a go-to for parties, nights out and even weddings. The dress already gathered almost USD 15,000 dollars opposed to its initial goal of USD 3,000.

Omnia dress consists of two parts: the top and skirt, with two loops in between. The loops are what makes the dress convertible. You can experiment with your own designs or use the tutorial for 10 styles made by Omnia team. The dress is made from a durable CUPRO fabric, which is similar to cotton and comes in five colors.

HeartIn smart T-shirt

This innovative T-shirt has been mentioned on Wareable as 'bringing the comfort to ECG tracking'. The ECG, or electrocardiogram, is the latest word in the fitness world and is used by professional athletes. HeartIn makes ECG accessible to non-professionals and helps to avoid bulky equipment. The initial goal of USD 15,000 was outrun by USD 3,000 by supporters on Kickstarter.

The HeartIn T-Shirt has special fabric-integrated wires and sensors that transmit data to the snap-on stick, which, in its turn, turns the data into detail analysis of workout you can see in the HeartIn app. The shirt gives deep insight into aerobic load tracking, between-workout recovery monitoring. It also tracks any heart abnormalities during or post-workout. By the way, HeartIn T-shirt is also available in a form of a sports bra for women.

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Riot Division transformer jacket

One more transformer item on the list comes from the famous Ukrainian streetwear brand Riot Division. The team gathered twice as much as their initial goal on Kickstarter in mere days. The initial goal of USD 20,000 was reached on the first day on the platform.

The Ultimate City Jacket adapts for the needs of contemporary city people - the 3 in 1 outwear is compact, stylish and fast to transform. Thanks to the parachute technology implemented in the jacket, it only takes one hand movement to make it shorter. In case you aren't sure if the jacket is necessary outside but still want to play safe, you can convert it into a small bag. The Ultimate City jacket has strategic pockets for sunglasses, documents, smartphones and cash. The breathable and water-resistant outwear is available for men and women.

Pleatpack backpack

The urban tech Pleatpack is one of the most impressive projects on the list in terms of Kickstarter support - while setting an initial goal of USD 8,500, in the end, the backpack raised eight times as much. The backpack is quite thin but has the technology to fit everything one might possibly need: the main compartment acts like an accordion, easily making space for additional 20.7 liters in a 6-liter backpack.

The Pleatback is aimed mainly at urban professionals, commuters and students, who need to squeeze their tech essentials to a small space. The backpack is conveniently divided into pockets for laptop, tablet, power bank, cables, documents, notebooks, business cards and penholders. Besides, it's theft-proof: magnets prevent from opening the compartment without you noticing and a built-in lock comes in the kit.

Bordo Mini smart wallet

In the age of progress, technology advances not only for the good deeds but for the bad as well. Many thieves perform the so-called RFID skimming, which allows them to get information from the credit card without stealing it or even coming into contact. The Bordo Mini, which gathered USD 48,000 on Kickstarter, is RFID-protected and keeps your data safe.

The sleek leather wallet is roughly a size of a credit card but can accommodate a minimum of 20 bills, 10 cards, and coins without it becoming bulky. The slot of cards can be accessed without opening a wallet, which is convenient for those in rush. Besides, its design is also suitable for both right- and left-handed people. The wallet comes in six colors and has a high-quality Tartan fabric inside.

CODA transformer bags

CODA is a brand from Odesa that was born on Kickstarter, which is why it's not surprising that their K.K Vice Versa Bag successfully reached its initial goal of USD 2,000. The K.K Vice Versa Bag has two types, which can be transformed in a messenger bag, backpack and handbag to accommodate to the owner's needs throughout the day.

The bags are made from genuine leather with bitch plywood inserts. The Tote type comes out in sizes M and L, where the smaller can fit A4 letters, documents and MacBook Pro 13" and the larger fits documents and MacBook Pro 15". K.K. Vice Versa bag is available in four colors.

You can order all items from their pages on kickstarter.com.

Cover photo: PIX backpack Facebook page.

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