The Best Ukrainian Brands for Him. Autumn 2018

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While the real chills of autumn are still only approaching, it’s high time to check the wardrobe. The missing items can most likely be found in the Ukrainian brands’ collections. We selected 10 local brands for a complete autumn look from socks to outerwear.

Socks: Griffon

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Griffon is a family business: the company has gained experience for more than 12 years to find the best materials and technologies for the end product. The Ukrainian brand orders high-quality raw materials from Ukraine, Turkey and Europe. The recognizable shtick by Griffon is selling sox by boxes instead of pairs. You can choose themed boxes with funny patterns like dinosaurs, planets or opt for simple casual. Griffon offers free shipping for orders for 3+ boxes on their site.

Belts: Riot Division

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Ukrainian brand Riot Division takes menswear on a new level: their innovative Ultimate City Jacket gathered twice as much of its initial goal on Kickstarter in mere days. Apart from outerwear and hoodies, Riot Division also makes accessories. Magnetic Belt 01 boasts the FIDLOCK magnetic fastener made in Germany. The transformer belt can accommodate to the owner's needs: the item is sewn in a way that makes it possible to attach additional items or a small bag. The belt comes in black, grey and olive. You can order it on the English version of the Riot Division website.

Underwear: Sammy Icon

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In Ukraine, Sammy Icon is mostly famous as a brand that produces trendy socks for men and women. Luckily, their product range is much wider than just that. For instance, the brand has a collection of men's underwear that comes in different colors from classic grey and black to bright green with various patterns. All sizes from S to XL are available on the site. The company offers free shipping for orders from UAH 600.

Pants: Arber

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Публикация от Arber (@arberstores)

Arber fashion brand was founded way back in the 90s by Hryhorii Arber, who sewed his own prom suit and thus paved the way for classical menswear in Ukraine. An atelier he opened in Odesa became widely popular and in several years Hryhorii launched a line of stylish clothes that are now sold all over Ukraine. The wide selection of pants by Arber fit any occasion from everyday work-look to the smart-casual party one. Chinos is by far one of the most popular picks: classic dark-brown pair made of 100% cotton is a universal match. The online shop offers discounts up to 50% on selected models.

Shirts: Smart Attire

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Smart Attire is a Ukrainian brand that specializes solely on shirts. Using high-quality materials, they create long-lasting classic or informal shirts. Moreover, the company developed its own size chart for the best fitting. The selection of clothes and size chart are available on the brand's website. The online shop has a customizable search, where you can choose materials, color, fit and cuffs. Alternatively, you can see all options available for your height and size.

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Sweaters & Long sleeves: Garrt

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Публикация от Чоловічій та жіночій одяг (@garrtbrand)

Clothes by Garrt are made in Kyiv and based on being exclusive. Instead of ordering mass manufacturing in China, the fashion brand's owners limit the number of items instead concentrating on quality and individuality. Garrt has a selection of basic long sleeves that can make a good base of autumn wardrobe: the long sleeves come in khaki, grey, blue, red and brown. Besides, the brand currently offers warm jumpers in brown and blue for especially chilly mornings.

Outerwear: Seven Mountains

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Публикация от Seven Mountains | Ukraine (@7mntns)

Seven Mountains brand was founded in 2014 and soon became known for its stylish and sleek outerwear. The brand's raincoats and parkas are aimed mainly on city dwellers: they come in smart colors without unnecessary details and serve a practical purpose. The autumn 2018-2019 selection of outerwear can fit any style: quilt jackets, jacket shirts and light down jackets are more formal, while parkas, anoraks and bombers would be suitable for weekends or trips. You can view the whole collection on the Seven Mountains website.

Sportswear: Syndicate

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Kyiv-based Syndicate brand has almost ten years of experience in the Ukrainian and international market. The brand's creators are inspired primarily by American work apparel and Scandinavian aesthetics, creating simple and long-lasting models. Besides, Syndicate creates collaborations with contemporary Ukrainian artists like Masha Reva. The extensive collection of sweatshirts might come in handy for men who seek wha to wear for extra coziness this chilly autumn. The models include classic black zip-up hoodie as well as models with various patterns. Syndicate ships worldwide.

Accessories: Smart Tie

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The founder of Smart Tie, Artur Fedorenko, faced a quite typical problem for Ukraine: the quality and price of available ties did not match. This initiated the founding of Smart Tie - a local brand with detail-oriented attitude to accessories. The cloth for the brand is shipped from California. The online store has all necessary items for completing the suit look: ties, bowties, pocket squares, cufflinks, belts, tie tacks and bracelets. The accessories are available in plain colors and numerous patterns.

Shoes: MR520

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A Kharkiv-born brand of Ukrainian shoes MR520 values quality: the manufacturers make sure to use only high-quality materials for the long run. Another signature feature by MR520 is capsule collections, which means each look can be bought as a whole, without the need to think of something to accompany. The 2018-2019 shoe collection includes formal and informal sneakers, high-top boots and slip-ons. The brand currently has discounts up to 50% for all men's shoes.

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