New Year Party Look: Ukrainian Brands for Him

Man in a suit sitting by the Christmas tree

To assemble a New Year look, we picked essentials from 4 Ukrainian brands from shirts to bowties.

Suit: Arber

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Arber was founded way back in the 90s by Hryhorii Arber, who sewed his own prom suit and paved the way for a new menswear brand to appear in Ukraine. After opening an atelier, Hryhorii launched a line of classic men's clothes nowadays available all over Ukraine.

A classic black suit can be a good investment for any occasion. As for New Year, adding statement items like a vest with a geometrical motif or a bowtie can add the needed fun touch.

Shirt: Garrt

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Garrt is a Kyiv-based brand that values exclusivity - instead of ordering mass manufacturing in China, the owners limit the number of items they produce each season. That way, every item has top-notch quality and individual touch.

The classic Oxford Navy shirt has a deep blue color. It is slim-fit with a rounded hem and cuffed cuffs. The shirt is 55% cotton, so it won't be too hot and at the same time won't crumble too much.

Shoes: 11 Shoes

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11 Shoes easily explains its name - humans start walking at approximately 11 months. The brand's shoes are made exclusively from Italian leather and high-quality accessories. Casual style is especially popular among others.

Blade "Fight Club" Brown are 100%-leather brogues made in three shades of brown with suede elements. The shoes also have supination insoles for the maximum comfort.

Bowtie: Churchill

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Ukrainian brand of accessories Churchill was founded way back in 2012. The name is a nod to Winston Churchill, who was a big fan of bowties. All accessories are made from top-notch materials from the US, England and Italy.

While a tie might be too official for a New Year party, bowtie keeps the class and fun at the same time. A checked tie will suit plain shirts as well as striped shirts if you're up to experiments.

Bracelet: Morza

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Morza is a Ukrainian brand of handmade leather bracelets that caters for women and men both. All accessories are made from high-quality leather, while beads and clasps are made from silver. One of the most popular models created by the brand is Kraken, where the clasp is made in the shape of the legendary monster.

The red leather Lucky bracelet is just the accessory to meet the new year with the right vibe. Moreover, Morza bracelet has a coded message inside - each of the 14 silver beads read "Luck" in Morse code. The clasp consists of five interlaced threads, referring to the number of ships that went on the first circumnavigation.

The following list is the editor's choice. All brands are presented in the random order.
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