Top-10 Ukrainian Bag Brands

woman with stylish bag

Finally, it is spring. Every person is looking for renovation of his/her life and of a wardrobe too. “Destinations” is happy to tell you about the 10 best Ukrainian bag brands.


green bag
Natalia Eremenko is a designer who creates these leather handbags, backpacks and clutches. All products are handmade and produced in limited editions. Here you will rarely find monochrome models. There is a big demand on these bags thanks to bright colors, restrained forms and original fasteners. Production of individual orders takes up to 10 days.

girl`s legs and bag
Where to buy: in the showroom at 20a, Mala Zhytomyrska Street or on Bagart official page in the social network.


bag, feather, flowers and book
"Vabi" is a young Ukrainian brand but it is already very popular. The bags are made of felt. Models are concise, yet stylish, with high quality fittings. There is huge choice of colors: from mélange, mocha, black to saturated and bright yellow, red, blue, purple and others.

girl with rose bag in spring flowers
Where to buy: in the showroom at 33/34 Bohdan Khmelnytsky Street, or on official Vabi Facebook page.


brown bag on stairs
The brand includes the bags made of leather and other natural materials. Here you will find bags for all occasions. Models are simple and minimalistic of different colors. In the workshop you can also find some leather wallets, folders and other accessories. Production takes up to 14 days.

stylish bag and flowers
Where to buy: on official pages of GRIE in social networks.


green bag on chair
These bags are also made of natural leather. The tailors do cutting manually. Anyone can choose the model and color on Bagllet official website. The palette is represented by such shades like retro red, green, gray, blue, brown, black, red. In addition, the company offers bags, belts, wallets, cases. Individual orders are also accepted. Production takes up to 14 days.

many fashionable bags
Where to buy: in the store at 31b, Pushkinska Street or online.

Unique U

hands holding colorful bag
Unique U Handbags are really unique with the expressive details. They are created by designer Elena Yudkevich. These bags are designed in Ukrainian national motives, abstract patterns, images of fruits and vegetables. All bags are handcrafted by leather and suede.
Where to buy: in the store at 9/19 Vozdvizhenska Street, or on Unique U official website.


woman sitting with pink bag

All Baneli products are handmade. Daria Ivanyushina is the creative designer. Her ideas are always unique. The feminine, elegant bags, as well as youth bags and pouches for travel are produced in the workshop. Baneli uses only high-quality materials: natural Italian leather, suede and garment accessories.

beautiful girl with bag
Where to buy: in the showroom at 17a Yaroslaviv Val, or on Baneli official website.


man with stylish bag
Lviv designer Olena Yaroshevych sews leather bags, backpacks, tote bags and clutches of unusual geometric shapes. You can find a bag for a special event and for everyday use here. It is possible to select one of the models in the catalog or to make a personal order.

two stylish designer bags
Where to buy: Yaroshevych official website.


black bag
EasyEasy team is known for its simple, basic products: men's & women's clothing and bags. Each item is created with the idea of the owner's comfort and combines brevity and functionality. Bags are made of natural leather. Shopper bag is a favorite model. But there are other models for special occasions. You just have to decide on the model and color.

jeans clothes and brown bag
Where to buy: Maidan Nezalezhnosti Square, "Globus" shopping center, 1st line. It is also possible to buy the bags on EasyEasy official website.


two colorful bags
The brand is created by designer Julia Kordyukova. The recycling of previously used materials like leather, wool, suede, flax, which are taken out of old things, is the main philosophy of this brand. UliUlia knows a lot about sports bags and handy backpacks. The choice of models is very large. The color scheme is mainly muted: burgundy, beige, chocolate, gray, black, plus some bright colors are also used. All bags are handmade and the focus is on details.

beautiful blonde with bag
Where to buy: on UliUlia official website and in the social network.

Pryanik workhouse

stylish white bag with black dots
Creators of this brand assure that any minor damage to their bags, backpacks or clutches, whether it is a scratch or a spot of spilled coffee, can’t spoil a bag, because it should serve you and be functional first of all! The bag should not be just beautiful and stylish, but practical. Backpacks of Pryanik workhouse are very spacious.
Photo: Pryanik workhouse official website and pages in social networks.
Where to buy: Pryanik workhouse official website
Enjoy your shopping!
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