2018 Main Interior Design Trends

2018 Main Interior Design Trends

If in 2018 you are planning to renew your apartment or office, you might have started to choose appropriate style, furniture and décor already. However, this is not an easy thing to do: design tendencies change every year, so when you want your apartment to look stylish and modern, you cannot always be sure about what is considered as trendy right now. For you to avoid getting lost in numerous articles about interior design, Destinations offers the main 2018 trends.

“Hygge” Coziness

Hugge style
“Hygge”, a Danish word translated as “coziness”, came into use in terms of interior design not so long ago. In 2018, hygge elements in apartments are still at the peak of popularity. People appreciate everything that makes their homes more cozy, calm and relaxing: hanging loungers, sound-absorbing curtains, soft sofas and pillows. If you want to create a real hygge room, choose natural materials such as wood, stone, withy, flaxen and cotton fabrics, and arrange smooth lighting produced by candles, fireplaces and floor lamps. Nice ceramic and clay elements will add more special hygge flavor. Hygge style presupposes simple geometrical shapes and unusual, often handmade décor. With this style, your private space will acquire true Zen ambience.

Eco Design

eco bedroom
Our modern world, full of synthetic materials, endless flows of information and hard stresses, can be quite tiring, so more and more people wish to get closer to Mother Nature. As a result, trendy design often tends to surround us with natural materials and motifs. Ecologically safe furniture without chemical additives – that`s what we need nowadays. Plastic, which was extremely popular few years ago in such styles as high-tech, is sweepingly losing its ground to natural wood and stone. Wood is now used not only for furniture, but also for décor elements. There is a tendency to keep the natural look of wood, avoiding its painting and lacquering. Besides, many people fill their rooms with live plants: common begonias and violets in pots, cache-pots with clambering plants, elegant cactuses and ficuses help to reduce stress and to cleanse air in a room.

Scandinavian Style

Scandinavian Style
Scandinavian style has been the main design trend of the recent years, and is still very popular in 2018. This style is characterized by laconic clean shapes and lines, rounded rigid surfaces, high-quality natural materials, simple furniture, spacious rooms with much air and light. Scandinavian style is very similar to traditional minimalism, but differs from it by larger number of décor elements. Both Scandinavian style and minimalism can be easily recognized by simplicity, functionality and light color palette. Nevertheless, bright colors are sometimes also used in Scandinavian style interior, usually in cases when it is needed to put emphasis on some elements.

Simple Luxury: Art Deco

Simple Luxury: Art Deco
However, minimalism is not for everyone – some of us cannot imagine a life without elements of chic. The latest interior trends offer wide opportunities for designing a luxury apartment on a condition that gorgeousness will be expressed not through quantity, but through quality. Art deco and neo art deco styles are a great choice that allow keeping to this rule. These are elegant and eclectic styles, uniting elements such as African exotic, Indian motifs, Egyptian art and Empire. Art deco style looks somehow like Baroque, but has more freedom and colorfulness. Stained glass, massive crystal chandeliers, bronze statues, ivory, lacquered surfaces, glazed ceramic or stone tiles are integral parts of art deco interior style.

Smart Home

smart home
The designers of homes in overcrowded modern cities tend to use space as reasonable as possible. The average area of an apartment reduces, and nowadays an ordinary city flat is a compact and a very functional space. Smart home trend offers everything that will keep our comfort even in the smallest apartment: folding sofas and tables, wall-mounted beds and hidden kitchens. The newest technological innovations also play an important role: multi-functional devices, home robots, household equipment with Internet connection, lamps and fridges controlled by a smartphone are currently becoming our everyday reality.

Final tips

living room
It is desirable that the whole apartment is designed keeping to one style. However, you are free to choose alternative options as well. For example, the most part of an apartment may be designed in art deco style, while the room of a teenager will be an example of high-tech smart home.
In 2018, flat and empty walls are not edgy anymore, so do not hesitate to hang as much photo frames, pictures and paintings as you want.
The most popular materials for upholstery are velour and wool.
In general, it can be said that the main trend of 2018 interior design is individuation. We are free to mix styles and décor elements in a way that will express all the bright sides of our personality.
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