Homegoods in Odesa

Homegoods in Odesa

One of the best ways to change your life and surroundings is to start with your home. Our place of living may often grow so cozy we stop noticing any details about it, like dilapidation or simple clutter. If you feel that it is time to declutter your living space and seek new interior choices, check out these home good stores in Odesa.


If you ever sighed over a serious lack of IKEA in Ukraine, this is your place to go. JYSK, a Danish chain of stores, was opened way back in 1979 and preserves the Scandinavian style ever since. As well as the quality of products - each item must meet the standards of quality and safety, which is reached by careful picking of suppliers. Representatives of the procurement department regularly visit factories where the quality of products is checked. The goods pass another inspection before they go to the store shelves. So, any of the products in the store you’re looking at, be it textile like towels and sheets, furniture, appliances or decor are guaranteed to serve and last long. JYSK is divided into sections: products for bedroom, bathroom, office, dining room, storage, and for house & gardening. The prices are quite reasonable, with frequent discounts. Be sure to check those before you drop by.
Address: 1, Nezalezhnosti square, «Panorama» shopping center


A well-known international chain of shops is located right in the heart of the city. It is, indeed, a rightful position - Butlers is practically a paradise of sophisticated home decor: here you will find elegant cutlery sets, candles of various colors and scents, various pillows, and fluffy blankets. The shop is divided into several sections, making it easier for the customers to navigate. Thus, goods for kitchen, bathroom, bedrooms and living rooms, as well as decor for the garden are available here. Each season the shop updates its collection, inspired by cultures of different countries and color themes. Butlers has a discount program for frequent customers, so if you’re into sophisticated decor, this place is definitely in your «to do» list.
Address: 1, Derybasivska street, «Evropa» shopping center


blue colors interior
An interesting and quite convenient pick, SHOPLOFT is not only a retail store, but a company consulting in design, furniture and interior. They can help in restyling the whole apartment, or focusing on one detail. Moreover, if you are not in a mood of going out and finding the shop, you can browse SHOPLOFT internet store first - and see which items catch your eye. SHOPLOFT focuses greatly on lighting — and is right to do so, as you may know lighting is one of the most important, maybe if not always obvious interior maker. Rightly lighted room can look more spacious than it is, and not only helps the looks, but improves your health as well — by ensuring you get enough light in gloomy winters. Other categories you will find at the store are furniture, decor like paintings, mirrors, pillows and carpets, vases and even money banks. See for yourself!
Address: 135, Tolbukhina street, Complex #1; 7, Ovydiopolska road, «Sixth Element» shopping center, KARE store

Family Decor

This shop’s main principle is coziness. If you are fond of «shabby chic» interior style, pay a visit to one of the two stores in Odesa. It is also a nice pick for those seeking a place to stock on presents: from practical trinkets to sophisticated ones like home-made soap with various choices. Family Decor has the pretty non-standard section division: home-made goods like soap and candles, photo frames and decor for the walls (mirrors, paintings and plates), lighting elements (lampshades, sconces, chandeliers, candlesticks, lamps), cozy trinkets and storage boxes for bathroom and corridor, cutlery, textile, and, finally, furniture. The choice is plenty. You can observe the assortment in the Family Decor’s online-shop and order in as well.
Address: 15, Hnatiuka street; 10, Ryshelevska street


black vase
Last but not least, a store that specializes on furniture and textile. The right place to drop by if you feel the need to replace each and every item in your apartment - luckily, Aksamit salon offers their customers furniture sets, mainly consisting of a table and sets of chairs or armchairs for it. The design choice is quite lively, bound to make the room brighter and to focus the attention of guests and dwellers on the furniture — choose wisely. Moreover, table tops are also available at Aksamit, giving your kitchen a good chance for a reboot. Drop by to see what’s in store!
Address: 135, Tolbukhyna street, «MEGAdom» shopping center
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