Main Interior Trends to Follow in 2018-2019

Cozy living room decorated in dust pink color

It seems that Milan Design Week 2018 is wrapped in nostalgia and longing for comfort, as many trends brought by the Italian designers are a shout out to iconic symbols of the past. These ideas for Fall/Winter 2018/2019 will come in handy if monochrome and minimalism aren’t your forte — or you simply want to make your home cozier.

Colors: Millennial pink, dark green, terracotta

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While the trend for monochrome still stays quite prominent in interior, other colors slowly but surely follow its popularity. This Fall/Winter season, many interior designers and brands choose to indulge in Millennial pink, popular in the world of fashion as well. Also called blush or delicate, Millennial pink was brought back in the late 2010s. The color looks especially stylish when it comes to soft furniture like velvet armchairs and couches. It is easily incorporated in details as well — soft plush pillows, metallic shelves and lamps.

Dark green is the runner-up when it comes to the colors trends of the season. Especially suitable for the bedroom, the rich green gives a calming and cozy touch to the relaxation area. Besides, it nicely matches and accentuates any plants present in the room. The color is mostly used as a major accent, reflected either in the wallpapers, paint or large furniture.

Terracotta is the new player on the market that aims to replace the cold and monochrome patterns so popular nowadays. The warm color, often with a matte finish, looks great on tiles and wall cladding, which might be a good idea if it’s high time to give a new touch to your bathroom.

Patters: terrazzo, dark marble, geometry

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Terrazzo makes a comeback this year and reminds more of the catchy geometrical patterns of the 1980s than the original Venetian flooring. An alternative to marble, terrazzo is much more affordable and can spice up the kitchen: it appears on benches, tables and décor like vases and frames.

Another way to decorate kitchen is to refer to dark marble: this solution will be suitable for those whose kitchen is well-illuminated during the day. The colors range from all-black to green and brown. The bench edges can be left structured and cut or rounded to give a more subtle touch.

Finally, while the main accents of the living room may stay pattern-free, large geometrical prints in decor style can help to make it look more interesting. Cushions and printed posters are one of the best solutions in this case — when it becomes too tiring, you can simply put it away or change for something else.

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Natural materials

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It looks like the trend for marble in every room might be put behind by the abundance of natural materials. This season, wood, cork and wicker make their statement. If wood seems like a costly solution, the latter two can be a more affordable alternative. Cork and wicker give earthy, cozy vibes and make any room look homey. For instance, the DIY cork moodboard is something to consider for Fall/Winter 18/19.

Another idea to incorporate cork is to go all the way — wall covering works not only as a board but also a decent noise isolation. Wicker can be used in furniture, like the iconic wicker chairs that add a rustic vibe to the room, or in décor — consider purchasing wicker baskets and placing your flowerpots in them. The baskets also work nicely for practical purposes like storing laundry.

Mixing shapes

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This season the game of contrasts seems to be the basis of interior decorating. The sleek geometrical décor paired with oblique furniture channels definite retro-vibes. You can shake it up and make it the other way round — the round-edged 1960s mirrors work well with modern geometric furniture. The shapes contrast can also be reflected in the bathroom — the oblique sinks of neutral and pastel colors will pop on the background of hexagon tiles. The options are almost infinite — search for the inspiration in the vintage catalogs.


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The previous trends send us to the final and recurring theme of the 21st century — vintage. Designers bring back elements from different epochs, carefully transforming and mixing them together to create a contemporary image. To give some ideas, décor à la The Roaring 20s makes a comeback this season. Brass details and furniture, graphic posters and clean lines in the interior are the main focus points of the era.

Another style that was resurrected by interior designers is Mid-century modern. The elements of this style can be often found in Scandinavian brands like IKEA. Opposed to the clear lines of the 1920s, Mid-century has more curved forms. It’s reflected in one of the iconic symbols of the era — a tulip chair.

New Nordic Style

New Nordic style apartmentTo talk about the interior design that will be a trend in 2018-2019, New Nordic is definitely one of the recurring ones. Often called a "matured Scandinavian style", New Nordic drops all stereotypical imagery of the cliché Scandinavian interior - monochrome, lack of interior decor and cold palette.

Instead, designers and trendsetters bring in what really is the essence of home interior in Scandinavian countries - functional style with bright elements and smart materials to make the living space as cozy as possible. Think of pale oak floorboards, furniture with sleek, clear lines, dark grey linen sheets in bedrooms and bringing warmth in accents. The latter can be easily done if you follow the hygge principles - think what personally makes you comfortable and gives the 'feeling of home', be it a pile of blankets or an array of candles.

Luxe Revival Style

Luxe Revival Style apartmentWhile the term Luxe Revival isn't as spread in Pinterest and other sites with interior ideas, the elements of this style have been steadily popping up these last years in numerous interior guides. The current trend is a nod to 1930s sophistication and elegance, when luxury was achieved in subtle details.

The three pillars of Luxe Revival are gold, brass and marble. You can incorporate these trends in decor like mirrors and vases or go big-time, giving a bathroom a new look with marble floors and countertops. The typical geometrical Art Deco patterns suit the style as well. As for the materials for furniture, velvet and faux fur are the base combination.

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