10 Interesting Pinterest Accounts of Ukrainian Designers

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The national rise of 2014-2015 has awoken nearly every sphere in Ukraine, including arts and design. Ever since Ukrainian specialists have been participating in leading design contests and salons in Europe, as well as mentioned by international magazines. We chose 10 accounts of Ukrainian designers and studios to follow on Pinterest.

Sergey Makhno

Interior design by Sergey MakhnoThe thirty-something Sergey Makhno is currently one of the most famous and renowned Ukrainian architects. He is the head of Makhno Architects studio, which implemented more than 500 projects in 16 countries. Most importantly, the studio boasts 67 awards granted by international design pioneers. Makhno Architects is easily recognized by minimalism and eclecticism. Given that Sergey Makhno loves to travel and adores Japanese culture, the Oriental motifs appear in his works as well.

The studio's Pinterest is one of the most popular accounts of Ukrainian designers and has boards with completed architectural and interior projects, details and a board for inspiration.


Interior design by YØDezeenThe award-winning YØDezeen design studio was founded by Ukrainian designers Artem Zverev and Artur Sharf. Nowadays the studio has four offices and 500 projects in its portfolio, comprising 200 finished and 300 ongoing works. YØDezeen is famous for its sleek residential design, awarded Interior of the Year for Residential Complexes Diamond Hill, PecherSKY and a classical apartment in Tbilisi.

YØDezeen's Pinterest shows off their projects from lofts and luxurious apartments to restaurants and museums. On the whole, there are 34 boards available for inspiration.

Olga Fradina

Interior design by Olga FradinaOlga Fradina along with Lidiya Pfayfer were the ones who established Pfayfer&Fradina Interior Design in Ukraine. Since then, the artist has gone on the path of self-discovery, taking part in the Bologna Design Week 2016 with her ceramics collection. Nowadays Fradina is the head of her own studio, Olga Fradina Interior Design. Her works are notable for earthy hues, vintage pieces and love for the 'Scandinavian Zen', which comprises a minimalistic approach with the Oriental philosophy.

The designer's Pinterest has numerous boards conveniently divided into areas (dining room, bedroom, kitchen), details (mirrors, fireplaces, doors) and materials (wood, stone, ceramics).

Oleksii Venediktov 

Interior design by Oleksii VenediktovThe young Ukrainian designer Oleksii Venediktov has popped up in numerous architectural and design online magazines, including the famous Dezeen. He started his career as a designer in 1996 and several years later founded the Special Project Venediktov studio. Venediktov's projects on Behance include apartment design, as well as a unique boathouse project.

The Ukrainian designer's Pinterest has a large array of images on various topics from inspiration for kids & office space to travel and color palettes.

Kateryna Sokolova 

Interior design by Kateryna SokolovaIndustrial designer Kateryna Sokolova is the founder of SOKOLOVA design studio, which works with an array of items from lightning and furniture to electronics. Sokolova's works were awarded by the Red Dot Design Award in 2015 and nowadays she has numerous projects in Hong Kong and Paris.

Her Pinterest is heaven for those who seek inspiration in decor: the separate boards are dedicated to tables, armchairs, rugs and other interior items. The account might also interest those who follow the latest trends in electronics.

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S+P Architects

Interior design by S+P ArchitectsThe S+P Architects studio was founded by Dmitryi Sivak, lead architect and interior designer, and his team of partners. Together they style apartments, houses, offices and dining spots. The studio's newest and most discussed work is a pastel pink Breadway Bakery in Odesa. On the whole, S+P creates projects with a minimalistic approach and sleek lines.

The Pinterest account of S+P Architects is quite laconic: it shows the complete projects of the studio, boards with inspiration for house interior as well as a secret board.

Yova Yager 

Interior design by Yova YagerYova Yager, owner and chief designer of Kley Studio is one of the most famous designers from Ukraine present on Pinterest. Yager mostly works with fine dining spots from bars and cafes to restaurants. The Kyiv-based studio designed Make My Cake, Zmist and the renowned The Blue Cup Coffee shop in Kyiv.

Apart from the studio's portfolio, Yager's Pinterest has boards dedicated to cities style like Paris, Singapore, and Madrid, as well as pins with fashion and food.

Viktoria Yakusha

Interior design by Viktoria YakushaWorks by Viktoria Yakusha were included in the Swiss edition of the 'Best Home design' among the 40 best houses in the world, as well as into 'Contemporary villas' collection. Yakusha took part in the Bologna Design Week 2016 and has 15 international awards to boast within her portfolio. Nowadays she owns Yakusha Design Studio.

Her Pinterest account presents projects by the studio like designs of bedrooms, bathrooms, living rooms and kitchens. Besides, there's a separate board dedicated to furniture and decor with Ukrainian motifs.

NOTT Design Studio

Interior design by NOTT Design StudioNOTT studio of design was founded in 2008 by Sergey and Alexander Gotvyansky. Together, the Dnipro-based duo styles apartments, houses, and hotel complexes. NOTT received the Interior of the Year award twice and boasts the Red Dot Award 2016 for their Magneto floor lamp.

The studio's Pinterest account has 6 boards, focusing on sculpture, usage of colors in decor, chairs as well as the black color in all its entity.

Olha Wood

Interior design by Olha WoodOlha Wood, the Kyiv-based architect started her career in 2001 and ever since practices in creating apartments, houses and restaurant designs. The organic, calm and flowing designs by Olha Wood found its home in apartments on Lva Tosltoho, Baseina and Hetmana Streets in Kyiv.

The architect's Pinterest showcases her works for CICADA restaurant and city apartments, including a minimalistic penthouse made by the Ukrainian designer.

The following list is the editor’s choice. All businesses are mentioned in a random order.
Photo sources: unsplash.com, Facebook pages of businesses mentioned above. All images belong to their rightful authors.

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