The Best Furniture Manufacturers in Ukraine 2018

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When searching for ideas of how to upgrade your home, it is essentially important to find the right furniture. Tables, chairs, sofas – these items are the basic, while décor mostly plays only a secondary role. Luckily, furniture market in Ukraine is able to offer interesting products for any taste and budget. Let`s take a look at the best Ukrainian furniture manufacturers.


interior of room with panoramic windows
This Kyiv-based company is known for its unique limited collections of furniture. All items produced by the brand are handmade and some of them are created according to the client`s individual sketches. The furniture by ARQDEQ perfectly fits to interiors that keep to Scandinavian or loft styles. The company offers couches, sofas, chairs, tables and many other items for dining rooms, cloakrooms, kitchens, offices. Apart from furniture, the assortment of the brand includes lamps, lusters and accessories such as mirrors, carpets, vases and so on.

Rodynne Derevo

kitchen design
Rodynne Derevo (“Family Tree”) furniture company in Ukraine offers signature collections in Scandinavian and other styles, but it is also always open to any individual orders of the customers – even the most unusual ones. The brand mostly specializes on soft furniture and cabinet furniture made of oak and ash. The items produced by Rodynne Derevo brand are notable for their laconic shapes and fashionable modern look.

Vintage Manufactory

vintage poufs
Vintage Manufactory is a creative workshop, producing high-quality furniture of natural materials: wood, leather, glass and wax. The company manufactures serial items and also works with individual orders of the clients. The collections of the brand has tables, chairs, couches, shelves mirrors and furniture for children`s rooms. By the way, if you want to renovate your old furniture and décor elements, you can get this service from Vintage Manufactory.


room in scandinavian style
As we can recognize from the company`s name, this brand offers furniture in minimalistic Scandinavian style. Steel and wood-based laminated panels are the most popular materials used for the company`s items. The standard collections of the brand have furniture for both home and office: desks, racks, cabinets, shelves, bar stools and more. This brand is a good choice for those who prefer simple shapes and functionality.


children`s room
This company, founded in 1997, is one of the most famous manufacturers of children`s furniture in Ukraine. Snite furniture creates comfortable and cozy atmosphere, which helps kids to become happy and creative personalities. The rich assortment of this brand allows parents to construct interior for their kid`s room in a unique way. It is possible to combine elements from different collections and to choose color palette. Besides, the brand also offers furniture for offices, living rooms and parents` bedroom.

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KOG design

unusual bathroom interior
КOG design provides its customers with the wide range of services. The brand is capable of both creating individually designed furniture for home, office or restaurant and delivering ready-made comfortable furniture from Germany, Italy, France and Ukraine. The factory produces furniture items and décor, and also deals with light fixtures. KOG design is known not just for its high-quality furniture, but also for the creative approach to the smallest details of interior.

Vanilla Furniture

bedroom interior
This company produces standard collections of wooden furniture and also accepts individual orders. The assortment includes tables, chairs, buffets, commodes, furniture for kids and teenagers. The items of the brand mostly keep to classic style, but Vanilla Furniture masters are open to any ideas. For example, the brand has items in such styles as shabby chic, Provence, vintage and country.

Art Niko

modern bedroom design
The name of this company is well-known inside the furniture industry in Ukraine. Art Niko history began in 1992 in a small workshop that united enthusiasts of natural wood and unique design. Nowadays Art Niko is a large factory offering furniture and décor for home and hotels – mostly for bedrooms. Art Niko items are characterized by simple style, functionality and long-life. The clients can order furniture directly from factory or through reseller shops.
The best furniture manufacturers in Ukraine will help to make your home the coziest place in the world.
The above-mentioned list is the editor's choice. All businesses are mentioned in a random order.
Photo source: websites of businesses mentioned above. All photos belong to their rightful owners.

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