Kochut Handcrafted Jewelry: Made in Ukraine

Kochut Handcrafted Jewelry: Made in Ukraine

The spirit of nature lives in this jewelry and it is created by three brothers - Yuri, Roman and Igor Kochut, young and creative guys from Uzhhorod. Destinations had an occasion to talk to them and is happy to share this interview.

How did you get to the idea of creating your own jewelry brand?Kochut brothersWe just did what we liked. We wanted to do beautiful things with our own hands. We experimented with different materials: wood, ceramic, egg shells, steel, copper, and later with silver and precious stones. We still like to make medieval armor, forging swords, weave chain armor. Thanks to chainmail we started to create a miniature Chain Bracelet. This bracelet became one of the steps of a long staircase that led to the creation of Kochut jewelry.
What materials do you use?Exclusive Kochut jewelryNow we use the silver and gold as basic materials, as well as practice the application of various coatings. Silver is getting black (oksidiruem), gold is covered with white or black rhodium, ruthenium, and we use different natural stones, expensive and not very much. We like to make the items with crystals. The raw stones are very interesting. With these products the jewelry gets unique natural features. Such items are very original; they are difficult to replicate, to make a copy. We produce a ring or pendant with every crystal individually.
What role do Ukrainian traditions play in your jewelry creation?Exclusive Kochut ringsAlatyr stone is the most powerful symbol that we’ve used as an ornamental decoration in Kochut jewelry. It is also called the Flower of Life. It is an ancient Ukrainian symbol which is surrounded by a lot of legends. It looks like an octagram. Speaking about Ukrainian traditions in jewelry production we must say that have not heard of them. If they have existed centuries ago, they are now forgotten. It seems they should be re-created. Perhaps, this is one of our assignments.
Nature is the main inspiration for you, isn’t it?Kochut jewelry inspired by natureYes, first of all we are inspired by stones. Their beauty and soul suggest the right jewelry piece they want to live in. As for the outside world, the mountain peaks, forests, sky, stones, moss on the bark of trees, and various insects are the inspiration. Sometimes ideas come out of dreams, as well as the technological progress can inspire too. We like to portray the texture of wood similar to the ancient Mokume-Gane Japanese technique. I like to make the ring in the form of branches with the texture of tree bark.
Where can anyone buy your products and what is the price range?Kochut ring with a red stoneThere is no offline store, but you can order the items online. Kochut jewelry is made individually in Uzhhorod. A price depends upon the complexity of manufacture; it is usually not less than 50 dollars.
Who buys your decorations? I understand that the majority of the products are custom-made?
I am glad that our products are popular with different categories of people of all ages. The orders are made by students and businessmen, celebrities and fans, programmers and writers.
What do you need to do to be successful in Ukraine today?
First of all, we need to be able to adapt to real time and environment, we need to have a desire to work and to be creative. The recipe is simple!
Photos provided by Kochut.


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