Where to Buy Vintage in Kyiv

Man holding a Queen vintage vinyl

Mass-market and fast fashion lose their popularity with each coming day. Still, the need to look stunning doesn’t vanish into thin air, that’s why many people opt for buying vintage. Kyiv stores offer not only dresses and accessories from the 1950s but also exclusive 19th century furniture and luxury vintage.

Vintage Equipage

Vintage things on the shelvesAccording to numerous customer reviews, Vintage Equipage provides the best vintage shopping in the city. The store is located in a spacious apartment in downtown Kyiv not far from Maidan Nezalezhnosti. All items are exclusive and belong to various epochs from the past starting from the ancient brooches to funky 1980s dresses.

Shop owners often buy items on international auctions or while traveling. Besides, Vintage Equipage conveniently gathers vintage from well-known in Kyiv antique collectors like Nika Chick Vintage Corner or Soroka Store accessories. One of the latest additions to the store collection is an extensive collection of 155 models of vintage shades made in USSR.

Address: apt. 48, entrance #5, 6, Kostolna Street

Lavanda Store

Antique furniture and decorLavanda store is another spot in the downtown for those who seek exclusive vintage. Lavanda specializes at vintage furniture, lighting and décor elements. Furniture by far is one of the most popular sections here, which includes a variety of sofas, armchairs, writing desks, drawers and other items. The store offers exclusive items like the 19th-century armchair from France or a whole set of vintage Viennese furniture made from beech. You can also find high-quality porcelain and collector weapons for a decent price.

Address: 45A, Olesia Honchara Street

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Laska Store

Racks with clothesThe two Laska charity stores located in the downtown Kyiv surprisingly often have unique vintage items on sale. The charity store accepts clothes, accessories, books, vinyl and even decor for donation, that's why stopping by to find a basic T-shirt might end in finding a cute porcelain figurine or exclusive dress. Profit minus expenses for the maintenance of the store goes to charity and social initiatives in Kyiv, so shopping in Laska is not only pleasant but also helpful for those in need.

Address: 3, Vyacheslava Lypynskoho Street; 15, Malopidvalna Street


A soft peach look with glassesGoodbuysfashion boutique is located in a brisk walk from the Universytet metro station in the center of Kyiv. The store boasts various items from vintage collections of luxury brands like Yves Saint Laurent, Ralf Lauren and Prada. While dresses from the 1930s or 1950s are a rarity here, finding an everyday wearable dress or leather bag is more than real here.

Address: 102B, Saksahanskoho Street

Sofa Store

Vintage furnitureMany people know and visit the Closer club on Podil but not everyone is aware that the popular rave spot actually hosts a vintage furniture shop. Sofa store works like a half-store, half-recreational space — you can drink a cup of coffee and read a magazine while chilling on one of the numerous vintage sofas.

The items are found by Closer staff on various flea markets and sales. Sofa store also has an impressive collection of lamps and chandeliers made of different materials. Besides, brand-new furniture from Ukrainian manufacturers is represented in the store as well.

Address: 31, Nyzhnoiurkivska Street

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Petrivka Flea Market

Flea market with antiquesProbably one of the best-known flea markets in Kyiv, Petrivka is located near the metro station Pochaina that used to have the same name as the market. Here lovers of antique will have a chance to explore what locals have to offer – often, costly items can be bought here with a great discount. The spot is easy to find - follow the 'Book Market' exit sign in the metro and walk left. You will see a long street with numerous vendors and discoveries waiting to be found.

Address: Pochaina metro station, exit to the book market

Photo sources: Facebook and websites of businesses mentioned above, unsplash.com. shutterstock.com. All images belong to their rightful authors.


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