New Year 2019 Jewelry Gifts For Her

Jewelry in a red box

A holiday as bright as New Year calls for bright gifts. Ukrainian jewelry brands provide just that - with individual design and a wide selection of gemstones.

Dari Jewelry

Dari Jewelry box setCreated by Dari Chernikova, Dari Jewelry is based on simplicity and minimalism. The designer uses different materials, mostly silver and gold, to create necklaces, rings and earrings with sleek lines and intricate details.

For New Year 2019, Dari Jewelry has created a special New Year box - the set of gifts includes snowflake earrings made from 925 silver with white or blue cubic zirconia in a branded box with a silver bow, a pendant of a suitable color to make a set (optional), a set of nine handmade truffles, a gingerbread cookie, a mini-bottle of sparkling wine, a Mirabella postcard and a candle.

Alona Makukh

Alona Makukh jewelryThe fantasy-looking asymmetric jewelry is created by Alona Makukh. The young designer uses silver and minerals of various bright colors in her works. The rings are usually quite massive. Apart from traditional rings, Makukh also makes the trendy midi rings and phalanx rings. The brand was featured during Ukrainian Fashion Week 2018 with Ksenia Schnaider and on Vogue.

Jewelry by Alona Makukh can be a nice present for those who like to have unique accessories, as each ring is created as one and only. You can also individually pick the mineral beforehand - for instance, a favorite of the one who receives the present.


Kochut jewelryKochut jewelry brand is a family-run business created by three brothers from Uzhgorod in 2011. The brand is known for making unique jewelry in different techniques, one of the most difficult being Mokume-Gane. It is based on a combination of metals: several layers of silver and gold create intriguing patterns.

The gold "Soul and Body" collection was inspired by the notion that the body and soul aren't separate, but one. The philosophical thought is embodied in the golden ring with a tree of life. The basis of the ring is 585 white gold, covered with 585 yellow gold. The gem in the middle is 0.1 carat diamond, which speaks for itself as a wish to have a long, beautiful life.

Lita Jewelry

Lita JewelryLita Jewelry was founded in 2014. It specializes in accessories made from natural gemstones like agate, jadeite, pearl, quartz and jasper. All items are designed by Olena Lytvynova and each model is unique and handmade. Lita Jewelry is represented in the largest store of Ukrainian brands Vsi.Svoi.

Apart from separate items, Lita Jewelry also offers kits - bracelets and earrings or rings and earrings. The kit can be a nice option to meet the new year with - besides, the abundance of colors makes it easier to choose the one that suits the presentee best.


SOVA jewelrySOVA jewelry house is a trendsetter among Ukrainian brands. The name of the brand is a smart abbreviation: S stands for stylish, O is for open, V is for voicing and A is for amazing. SOVA collaborates with famous fashion media like L'Officiel, Marie Claire and fashion brands like Litkovskaya.

Minimalism and statement accessories stay strong among jewelry trends in 2019. That's why earrings made from 585 white gold from Megapolis collection will be relevant for a long time in any look.

WowCards: to complete the gift

WowCards Ukrainian Christmas postcardPostcards by the Ukrainian brand WowCards might come in handy this winter holiday season. The 3D cards depict a typical European city with colorful houses, Christmas tree, market stalls and a Ferris wheel. The cards come in different colors and even more designs. The inscriptions in some models are available in English and Ukrainian.

The following list is the editor's choice. All brands are mentioned in the random order.
Photo sources: Facebook and websites of businesses mentioned above, All images belong to their rightful authors.

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