Vsi.Svoi Ukrainian Store in Kyiv

Vsi.Svoi Store in Kyiv

«Всі.Свої» («Vsi.Svoi») was once a small fashion pop-up fair and now proudly inhabits one of the antique buildings on Khreshchatyk Street. This store offers an impressive selection of Ukrainian clothes and accessories brands.

The old building #27 on Khreshchatyk Street houses the all-Ukrainian brands store. «Vsi.Svoi» welcomes eager shoppers to explore four floors, which is an impressive 280-square meter area of high-quality fashion goods from over 150 Ukrainian brands. The carefully selected list of local brands showcased at «Vsi.Svoi» ranges from less known names and newcomers to the super-popular designers, known even outside the country.
Fashion collection at Vsi Svoi storeThe store is divided into several themed zones: handbags, lingerie, accessories, home- and sportswear, men’s and women’s wear section. The prices for a dress, for instance, vary from UAH 600 to UAH 1500, a winter coat costs between UAH 2000 and UAH 4000. Separate section is dedicated to the Ukrainian high quality footwear. Clients can to order a model of shoes they like in specific size or color in case the shoes are not be available at the store. In future «Vsi.Svoi» store is planning to launch a set of additional client-friendly services, such as kids’ zone, in-house tailor service and shoe-repair station.
The traditional pop-up fashion fair format of «Vsi.Svoi» takes place every weekend on 12, Desyatynna street.
Address: 27, Khreshchatyk street; 12, Desyatynna Street
Photo sources: Vsi. Svoi Facebook page, unsplash.com. All images belong to their rightful authors.

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