Ukrainian Brands of Menswear

Ukrainian Brands of Menswear

Each year market is filled with more and more trendy shops, that usually belong to one or two monster corporations. Not only those shops promote so called 'fast fashion', harmful for ecology of our planet, but also have pretty poor quality of clothing: missing buttons, ugly seams or prints that lose their color after the first laundry… Luckily, with small and independent brands it's not a problem. Let's see which Ukrainian brands make the best menswear.

A.Tan Men

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Probably one of the most well-known names in Ukrainian fashion, Andre Tan is definitely worth mentioning. A regular at Ukrainian Fashion Week, Andre is also a founder of the Smart Couture style, which allows to look sleek at business events and office, as well as parties. The capsule collections, which have every needed wardrobe item, allow to pick a total-look for any occasion and style, from pure classics to casual.
Where to buy: Gulliver Shopping Mall


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Founded way back in 90s by Hryhorii Arber, this brand's history began with a prom suit Arber sewed for himself. An atelier he opened in Odesa became widely popular and in several years Hryhorii launched a line of brands which are now sold all over Ukarine. This brand offers classic menswear: clean cut suits, cardigans, coats and various accessories, and follows the principle "Quality is always higher than price".
Where to buy: Facebook

Syndicate Clothing

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The Kyiv-based brand Syndicate Original was founded in 2010. The brand's creators are inspired primarily by American work apparel and Scandinavian aesthetics, supplementing it with their own vision. Besides, Syndicate is well-known for collaborations with contemporary Ukrainian artists and designers. Collections present a broad range of menswear from hoodies, T-shirt and trousers to outerwear and hats.
Where to buy: web-site


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The brand has a long history of presentations on catwalk. Up to date, it is represented by two lines of clothing: IDoL.Bespoke, which offers ndividually tailored men's suits, which are made while taking into account all anatomical features and pattern preferences; and IDoL - a ready-to-wear clothes collection. The latter produces shirts, vests, trousers, raincoats, T-shirts, shorts and suits of different styles to suit everyone's tastes.
Where to buy: web-site

MR 520

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A Kharkiv-born brand, MR 520 seeks clothing decisions for the urban life: their wide collections of jeans, shirts, jumpers, hoodies, T-shirts and many more items are a perfect choice for the lovers of casual. Freedom of choice, European look and unique design are the three basic rules the brand follows. Besides, the brand makes sure to use only high quality materials for the long run. MR 520 presents capsule collections, which means each look can be bought as a whole, without the need to think of something to accompany. 
Where to buy: web-site

7 Mountains

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This Ukrainian brand is quite new — it was founded in 2014 by the fashion designer Serhii Syvetskyi. The lack of superfluous details, pure colors and a simple cut make their things an indispensable part of the basic men's wardrobe. 7 Mountains is among the few brands who focus mainly on outerwear, like raincoats and parkas. In addition, the brand offers quality trousers and shirts. Clothing by this Ukrainian brand is aimed at dwellers of big cities and it perfectly serves the purpose due to its practicality.
Where to buy: web-site


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This brand was created by designers Serhii Lesko and Yurii Krolyk, who took part in the whole process of production: found a manufactory, picked natural materials and tested them for quality to be sure that clothes won't fade after the first wash. In March 2017, designers presented the first lookbook. Inhabitants of large cities are among the first who checked out this brand.
Where to buy: web-site
Photo sources: Facebook pages of businesses mentioned above. All images belong to their rightful authors.

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