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Vogue, the iconic fashion magazine, has recently named the Ukrainian vyshyvanka the hottest trend of the season. Hence, the Ukrainian influence has fully arrived in our closets and Ukrainian ethnic motives are the trendiest thing you can add to your wardrobe.

«Vyshyvanka» is a traditional in Ukraine embroidered garb, which is the most essential part of the national costume. These days vyshyvanka is gaining international fans like Anna Dello Russo and Joan Osbourne, who simply rocked the vyshyvanka-look throughout Fashion Week in 2016.
It seems like Ukrainian ethnic motives became a big hit in world fashion. The big guys of the fashion world have started to discover Ukrainian costume and have brought it on to the top catwalks of Europe and the US.
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girl in blue and red vyshyvanka

Vita Kin

The sudden rise and appreciation of Ukrainian traditional dress on an international level can be credited to Vita Kin. Recently, this designer has become an international sensation by bringing her version of a traditional Ukrainian wear to Paris Fashion Week. Vita Kin combines a unique Ukrainian method of decorating clothing with embroidery with modern context, adding a seventies vibe to her fashionable wear and a bohemian eccentricity in a very lux execution.

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Varenyky Fashion

Born in a country with 1500 years of embroidery traditions Varenyky Fashion is a designer collection of exquisitely embroidered dresses and blouses for women. While being cosmopolitan in drawing inspiration from pure nature and its vivid palette around the globe, this brand is unique in preserving the authenticity of Ukrainian traditional embroidery ornaments that date back to ancient Slavic times.
Every embroidered pattern on the garments features ancient protective symbols for health, happiness or harmony, that have traditionally appeared on Ukrainian Vyshyvanka and takes up to 72 hours and thousands of meters of thread to produce. Delicate hand work follows for a number of days before the item is complete.
Based on combination of natural organic fabrics with hand cut patterns and contemporary technologies Varenyky Fashion collections blend tradition with the newest trends, becoming the new classic. The garments uniquely provide bohemian flair and that easy natural feeling of being at home and relaxed both in the hectic pace of city life and when on travel, exploring the magnificent beauty of the world.

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Foberini is а Ukrainian brand of national clothing that offers high-quality recreations of traditional embroidered garments, which for centuries have been an integral part of Ukrainian culture and history. The embroidered patterns are not only authentic but, according to Ukrainian folklore, have been thought to offer protection by a higher power to those who wear them. Preserving the traditions of the art of embroidery, Foberini fuses the casual with the elegant, offering you the right garment for any occasion. Having brought the past into the present, Foberini is now inviting you to join it on a journey into the richness and beauty of Ukrainian culture.
Address: 30, Anny Akhmatovoi Street, Kyiv.

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Oksana Polonets Dresses

This is the designer who dressed in her vyshyvanka the first lady of Ukraine, Maryna Poroshenko for the Celebration of Independence Day in 2017. Oksana Polonets creates ethereal, almost magical embroidered garbs and shirts, which can be easily recognized among dozens of other vyshyvankas. 
Fall is a wedding season here in Ukraine and if you are looking for a dress to wear for a special occasion, we suggest to have a look at these stunning pieces by Oksana Polonets. These dresses are the brightest samples of Ukrainian style, adorned with elaborate embroidery and featuring timeless silhouette, the will definitely make a statement among the guests of the attended occasion.
Shop online or visit Polonets Studio in Kyiv (39-41, Khoryva street, Kyiv).


This brand offers Ukrainian style embroidered garbs at very democratic prices. All the shirts and dresses in this shop have unique boho chic flare. Address: shopping mall Dream Town, Greece Atrium, ground floor, Kyiv. Also available for on-line shopping.

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Image source: Social media pages of brands mentioned in the article and All images belong to their rightful owners. 



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