Top 5 Furniture Stores in Kyiv 2018

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While IKEA is only on its way to Ukraine, there are many alternatives to the Swedish store chain when it comes to finding affordable furniture. Many brands available in Kyiv offer a wide range of furniture for every style and follow the latest interior trends. Let’s see which stores are the most convenient in the capital for home goods and furniture shopping.

31 Gallery

31Gallery furniture store in Kyiv31 Gallery is one of the most stylish furniture stores in Kyiv. The store is, in fact, a showroom that unites furniture, interior design elements and floristics. Besides, an art gallery and a design studio are also located on the same premises. Conveniently located in downtown near the Lva Tolstoho metro station, 31 Gallery has a large furniture assortment from the latest collections of world leading brands. Here you will find unique Italian armchairs, couches, beds, tables for kitchen and office and so on. The store staff can assist with choice to match the apartment plan, decor and lights.

Address: 31, Saksahanskoho Street


Minimalistic white furnitureThe two Homster stores in Kyiv offer a wide range of furniture, home décor and ready-made design ideas for the whole apartment. Both stores are more than 1400 square meters and are built like a maze, where you can choose to concentrate on a zone of your interest. The furniture at Homster is made from high-quality natural materials and follows the latest interior design trend. For instance, the shop offers mid-century style armchairs, rustic elements for the garden and shabby chic for an extra cozy bedroom.

Moreover, Homster boasts a special DesignLab department. This corner of the store allows clients to create their own furniture along with the designer, who can give tips according to your preferences. Finally, when all details are set, you can order the custom furniture. As the store collections update monthly, you can check for discounts and special offers on Homster Facebook page.

Address: DreamTown and Gulliver shopping malls

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Ikea storeOne more popular furniture store in Kyiv is located right in front of the Kosmopolit shopping center near the Shuliavska metro station. Malm is one of the biggest resellers of IKEA in Ukraine. The store sells items from the newest collections, as well as furniture and décor from previous collections sold with a decent discount. Despite the rather small size, Malm offers a pretty wide range to furnish the whole apartment from kitchen tables to spacious queen size beds and kid’s studies. Besides, you can also surf the store for ideas and order items from the store’s website with a 15% discount.

The official IKEA store will appear in Kyiv soon as well. After the grueling waiting and numerous rumors, the famous Swedish IKEA finally decided to enter the Ukrainian market. The first IKEA store in Ukraine is to be opened in Kyiv in the new ‘city shop’ format, meaning it will be located in or close to downtown, as opposed to the large stores on the outskirts. The date and exact location are yet to be announced.

Address: 13, Vadyma Hetmana Street


JYSK furniture store in KyivJYSK is a Danish chain of furniture and decor stores opened in 1979. For more than 20 years, the company manufactures home goods with unique design and Scandinavian approach. The quality is paid special attention to, as each item must meet the safety standards. The goods pass two inspections before they go to the store shelves. That's why furniture, appliances or decor are guaranteed to serve for a long time.

JYSK is traditionally divided into several sections corresponding the home zones: products for the bedroom, bathroom, office, dining room, storage, and for house & gardening. As a rule, collections change seasonally, so storage clearance and special offers are quite frequent. You can track the discounts on JUSK UA Facebook page. The largest JUSK stores in Kyiv are located in Furshet shopping center near the Vydubychi metro station, and in the Lavina Mall shopping center.

Address: Gulliver, Ukraina, Lavina Mall, Furshet, Kvadrat, Arcadia shopping malls; for the full list of addresses see the map on the official JYSK website

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Margo furniture store in KyivThe newcomer of the Ukrainian market, Margo is the largest in Kyiv furniture store that takes up a whole shopping mall. Located on Stepana Bandery Avenue, it is most conveniently reachable by car or buses from the Petrivka metro station. The store offers more than 10 thousand household items from Italy, Finland, Poland and Ukraine, including functional and high-quality furniture for apartments and houses.

Margo has conveniently integrated furniture into ready-made rooms so that the customers can access the size, interior solutions and lightning before purchase. As a rule, all items represented in the store are in stock. Margo has frequent seasonal special offers, for instance, interest-free installments for a period of 3 to 20 months until the end of the year. The complete list and discount terms are available at the official Margo store website.

Address: 34A, Stepana Bandery Avenue

Luckily, there are many other interior and furniture shops in Kyiv – for instance, Zara Home in Gulliver shopping mall, H&M Home in Lavina shopping mall, as well as private design studios like FILD. We hope that more and more options will appear in Kyiv soon.

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