Top 3 Places to Find Books in Foreign Languages in Kyiv

many bookshelves in a room

Ukraine is a multicultural country, but still the most common languages here are Ukrainian and Russian. However, a niche for other languages is mostly represented with foreign literature. You just need to know where to look for it.

Vyktor Kytasty American Librarybookshelves, American flag and Ukrainian flag

The American Library is a public library maintained as a department of the National University of Kyiv-Mohyla Academy Scientific Library. The U.S. Embassy in Ukraine transferred the library from the America House to the campus of the Kyiv-Mohyla Academy in 1998. Anyone can get the library card for free and in such a way receive an exclusive access to library’s resources: books for kids and adults, printed periodicals, electronic resources, e-books, movies and games. Obviously, everything is in English!
Address: 8/5 Voloska str., building 4 room #116, Kyiv

Bookstore Chain ‘Ye’

colorful books at shelves

‘Ye’ is a bit more than just a bookstore, it is a modern creative format of reading. It is mainly concentrated on Ukrainian literature and books in Ukrainian but there are a lot of books in English, sometimes French and German. One can also find a convenient space for reading and research in each store, beautiful art catalogues and elegant collection and gift editions. ‘Ye’ also actively participates in modern literature discourse, holding lectures, public discussion and meetings with writers.
3 Lysenka str., Kyiv
5 Spaska str., Kyiv
33/2 Povitroflotsky av., Kyiv
1 Lva Tolstoho str., Kyiv
63-A Velyka Vasylkivska str., Kyiv

Bukva Bookstores

many books on shelves

Bukva is all-Ukrainian netwrok of bookstores that offers wide variety of books in all genres, including numerous books published in English language. You can visit bookstores of Bukva in many large Kyiv shopping malls, such as Dream Town, Magellan, Gulliver, Pyramide and many others. The network also has an online store where you can find the newest offerings.
Address: 3B, Khmelnytskogo street, Kyiv
3, Peremogy avenue, "Ukraine" shopping mall, 3 floor, Kyiv
Photo source:, websites of businesses mentioned above.


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